Robyn Lee taste tests Pockys (and knockoffs)

Serious Eats’ Robyn Lee wrote up a verrrry thorough blind tasting of Pocky and its various chocolate-covered biscuit stick imitators. To give away her punchline, Pocky came out on top! Robyn, I am in awe of your Pocky photography skillz, as the above was the best that I could do. Also, I hope someday someone […]

Serious Eats writes up chocolate-filled cookies

There can be a fine line between candy and snack/dessert. I generally don’t review cookies, but I have reviewed Pocky and Pocky-like treats. I’ve never reviewed chocolate-filled cookies because they fall into a grey area on the candy to snack/dessert spectrum. Fortunately, Serious Eats tried a bunch and crowned Hello Panda to be the champ. Koala’s March […]

Japanese Candy Noms

Japanese candy makes me question what I define as candy, as so many of their treats are made from a combination of candy/chocolate and cookie/biscuit. Take Pocky, for example. Here’s a nice Pocky round-up from Serious Eats, and a whole round-up of Japanese chocolate/biscuit things.