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Lotte Pepero [Korean Candy Review]

Hooray for globetrotting friends! My friends Nana and Justin recently finished up a three-year stint teaching English in Korea (next stop for them: Scotland). Before they left Korea, they were kind enough to buy and mail me a bunch of Korean candy for the blog. Thanks for the help, as always, Nana and Justin!

Lotte Pepero

First up is Lotte Pepero. I thought it would be fitting to start with one of Nana’s favorites. According to Nana, this box was “nude”, which is how Korean’s refer to inside-out. It’s basically like an inside-out Pocky, with a hollow cookie shell filled with chocolate.

Lotte Pepero

The box had a sealed plastic bag full of Pepero. I kind of chomped right through them and lost count of how many there were. The cookie shell was rather mild, with a hint of buttery nuttiness.

Lotte Pepero

Pepero weren’t so much filled with chocolate as lined on the inside with chocolate. In other words, I could suck air through it like a straw. The chocolate was slightly fruity with a chalky cocoa hit.

Like Pocky, these are more cookie than candy. Also like Pocky, they’re a nice snack, and I polished off the box fairly quickly, but I don’t know if I’d ever seek them out to buy them again. They’d remain an impulse buy for me – that is if I could find them in the states! I think I’ve seen them in Asian grocery stores before? An O. I do see why Nana likes them, though!

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Lotte Pepero
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