Tofu Meals

4 Easy Tofu Meals

Every home needs a quick and easy meal now and then. Tofu is one of those tasty and easy to use proteins. Try these delicious vegetarian and Easy Tofu Meals. What’s the deal with tofu anyways? Tofu is made with soybean curd. Mostly found in Asian cuisine, it is now creeping into Western food culture,…

Vegan Food Products Are Made

How Vegan Food Products Are Made

In recent years, it has become increasingly popular to adopt a vegan lifestyle. This is where you don’t consume any meat or dairy products. Instead, everything you eat is plant-based. Many people thought that veganism was simply a fad for losing weight, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Choosing a plant-based diet is…


What Foods Go Good With Mezcal?

The popularity of mezcal in the US has exploded in recent years. What was once something difficult to even find outside the regions where it’s produced, this Mexican spirit is today being enjoyed by people across the entire world. Just like any other spirit, they are often enjoyed best when paired with the right food….