What’s on the Bubble Tea Menu – The Best Drinks to Try at Your Local Boba Store

Have you heard about how delicious bubble tea is but never had the chance to try it yourself? Or maybe you’re a boba veteran looking for something new to taste? In both cases, you should read this article – we will go here through the best flavors on the bubble tea menu that you should absolutely try!

The most delicious boba flavors on the bubble tea menu

Whether you like something fruity or something wild – boba stores have a lot to offer, but you will need to know what to look for. So, what items on the bubble tea menu should attract your attention? Here’s a list of what we recommend:

  • Milk Tea – This is a classic, the flavor that started the bubble tea boom. If you have never tried it, you need to catch up. This mix of milk, tea (black, green or even oolong in some cases) and topped with tapioca pearls will surely delight you, as it had done to thousands of people when it was first created!
  • Tropical Fruit Boba – There are many variations of fruity bubble tea on the menus in different boba stores. Usually, they serve drinks with the following fruit flavor:
    • pineapple
    • mango
    • orange
    • passion fruit

Tropical fruit bobas are an excellent mixture of sweet and sour taste, so they’ll be a great and refreshing beverage to sip on during the summer.


  • Mixed Topping Bobas – Many bubble tea stores offer an ultimately wild, yet surprisingly tasty beverage – bubble tea with numerous toppings in it. We don’t mean two or three, but up to five-six different add-ons like tapioca pearls, puddings, and jelly in one drink! If you wish to try something unusual, find a bubble tea store with such toppings on their menu.
  • Bubble Tea Mojitos – This list would simply not be exhaustive without mentioning the bubble tea mojitos. From classic lime, to tropical mango or local strawberry – there are a lot of options to choose from. We cannot imagine summer without a delicious non-alcoholic boba mojito, and you won’t be able to do that either after you try this yummy bubble tea variation!
  • Taro Bubble Tea – While not every person may fancy this particular beverage, you have to try it at least once. Made from the taro root, this boba is characterized by a slightly nutty flavor with sweet aftertaste. Add to it the eye-catching purple color contrasting the dark tapioca pearls, and you get a feast both for your taste buds and for your eyes!

The takeaway

This is purely a list of the delicious bobas that you need to look for on the bubble tea menu. If you tried them all, don’t hesitate to experiment with other variations. Also, remember to be on the lookout for seasonal drinks – they will add a breath of fresh air to your bubble tea routine, and might positively surprise you. After all, how often do you get to try ginger or wintermelon boba?