About ZOMG Candy – The Best Blog for Candy Reviews!

About ZOMG Candy!

Since 2010, ZOMG Candy has been a candy blog specializing in candy reviews. From chocolate candy reviews to sour candy reviews, this site has had you covered. Rosa reviewed some of her favorites during that time.

In May 2017, ZOMG Candy starting operating under new ownership. Rosa’s amazing candy reviews and posts all remain, but all new content will be reviewed by Nicholas!

About Me

Luckily, I am a candy-lover just like Rosa. While she tended to love your caramel treats, I much prefer sour candy. Zours are my all time favorite if I had to pick.

That being said, I can eat it all; candy reviews will not be specific to sour ones!

I hope you find something new that is just for you while browsing ZOMG Candy. Don’t afraid to be adventurous and try a candy you have never heard of before. Like Forrest Gump said, “life is like a box of chocolates and you never know what you are going to get”!

How The Rating System Works on ZOMG Candy

Instead of working on a traditional star system, candies are given ratings ranging from — to ZOMG!

That being said, each rating still corresponds with the 5-star system. Below is how each rating translates over: