candy that start with m

20 Candy That Start With M

Indulging in a delicious candy bar is a delightful experience, and when it comes to candy that start with M, the options are simply mouth-watering! From the most common m&ms and Mars Bars, to Mike and Ike and Munch varieties, the list below is simply irresistible.

Candy bars that start with M

From classic favorites to innovative creations, these candy bars offer a symphony of flavors that will leave your taste buds dancing with joy. So, let’s explore a delectable selection of candy that start with M.

Get ready to savor the sweetness and discover your new favorite treat!

1. Marabou

Marabou is smooth and creamy chocolate that melts in your mouth, bringing a delightful burst of sweetness. The candy comes in various flavors, such as milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and white chocolate, making it suitable for everyone’s taste preferences.

The smooth texture and rich taste make it a go-to snack for indulgence and enjoyment. Whether you’re sharing it with friends or savoring it alone, Marabou candy will satisfy your sweet cravings and brighten your day.

2. Mars Bar

It is one of the most popular types of chocolate candy that start with M. It is made by Mars Inc., well-known for making various confectionery products.

When you bite into a Mars Bar, you get a combination of creamy chocolate, chewy nougat, and sweet caramel, creating a delicious and satisfying treat. The bar is popular worldwide and is available in various sizes and packaging. It’s often enjoyed as a snack or dessert by people of all ages.

3. Melody Pops

Melody Pops are small, colorful, round-shaped, similar to lollipops. These candies come with a fun surprise inside. When you lick or bite the candy, you might get so indulged with the flavor that you hear a delightful melody or tune playing in your mind. It’s like having a mini-musical snack.

These candies are perfect for putting a smile on your face and lifting your spirits. They come in various flavors, such as strawberry, orange, grape, and more, so you can pick your favorite one. Melody Pops are a fun and tasty way to brighten your day and have a little musical moment while enjoying a yummy treat.

4. Mamba

Mamba candy has a soft and flexible texture, making it easy to chew. Each package of this candy usually contains a mix of different fruity tastes, such as strawberry, raspberry, orange, and lemon. This variety of flavors allows you to enjoy a different taste with every piece you eat.

It’s popular among kids and adults because of its delightful taste and chewy goodness. Mamba is also a perfect choice for anyone who loves fruity and chewy candies that bring flavor to their taste buds.

5. Mega Warheads

Mega Warheads are an extra-intense and super sour version of the popular candy called “Warheads.” It is a small, hard candy that start with M! It comes in different flavors, and has a coating of extremely sour powder on the outside.

When you put one in your mouth and start to suck or chew it, you’ll experience an intense sour sensation that can make your face scrunch up! They can be a fun and exciting treat if you are brave enough to take on the sour challenge.

If you do not like sour candies, you should approach Mega Warheads cautiously. It can ruin your taste if you assume it would be sweet.

6. Mallo Cups

These are candy cups made with a milk chocolate shell, and inside, you’ll find a creamy marshmallow filling.

One of the unique features of Mallo Cups is that they often have a small sprinkle of coconut on top of the marshmallow filling, adding a hint of texture and flavor.

The coconut adds a subtle twist to the traditional marshmallow and chocolate combination.

7. Milk Duds

Yeah, Milk Duds, with their self-deprecating name and remarkably mild flavor, are the most apologetic of the boxed candies.

If you remember this scene from the Big Bang Theory, you would know that you just need a box of Milk Duds to apologize!

Milk Duds is a candy that start with M and is made by Hershey’s, a well-known chocolate company. The candy consists of a small, round piece of chewy caramel at the center, the main part of the Milk Dud. This caramel center is coated with a layer of smooth milk chocolate, giving the candy a delightful taste.

The word “dud” refers to something that fails to work correctly or doesn’t meet expectations. The candies were originally intended to be perfectly round, but some would end up with irregular shapes during the manufacturing process.

Instead of being discarded, these oddly-shaped candies were kept, and the name “Milk Duds” was born as a playful way to describe their less-than-perfect appearance.

8. Mounds

Mounds is another delicious confectionery treat made by the Hershey Company. It has a rich, moist coconut center covered in a smooth, dark chocolate coating. Mounds bars are well-known for their distinct shape and flavor.

The main ingredient in these bars is shredded coconut mixed with sweetened condensed milk to create a soft and flavorful coconut center. This mixture is then shaped into bars and coated with dark chocolate. The dark chocolate adds a slightly bittersweet taste that complements the sweetness of the coconut filling.

9. Mr. Big

The name “Mr. Big” comes from the candy bar’s large size and satisfying mix of ingredients, making it a big indulgent treat.

Mr. Big candy bars are widely available in many countries, and people of all ages enjoy them.

Whether as a snack, dessert, or occasional indulgence, the candy offers a delectable blend of nougat, caramel, peanuts, crispy rice, and milk chocolate that delights the taste buds of candy enthusiasts.

10. M&M’s

M&M’s are known for their fun and playful nature, and their bright colors make them visually appealing. They are also famous for their unique feature – the candy’s shell prevents the chocolate from melting in your hands, making them a popular treat for people on the go.

These tiny treats have become a staple at parties, events, and movie theaters worldwide. They come in various packaging sizes, from small individual bags to large sharing packs, making them easy to enjoy with friends or as a personal indulgence. M&M’s are not just candy; they symbolize joy, togetherness, and a touch of sweetness in our everyday lives.

candy that start with m

11. Milky Way

The Milky Way bar consists of several delicious layers. The bar’s core is made of nougat, a soft and chewy confection made from whipped egg whites, sugar, and roasted nuts. This nougat center is coated with a layer of caramel, adding a rich buttery taste to the candy.

To complete the treat, the caramel, and nougat-filled center is enrobed in a layer of milk chocolate. The chocolate coating gives the Milky Way bar its signature sweetness and a smooth texture that melts in your mouth.

candy that start with m

12. Munch Bars

The Munch bar features a delicious combination of crispy wafer and rich chocolate. It is similar in concept to other wafer-based chocolate bars like KitKat. The bar comprises layers of wafer biscuits coated with smooth milk chocolate, providing a delightful texture and taste experience.

The crispy and light wafer layers make Munch bars a satisfying treat for those who enjoy a balance between crunchy and creamy textures. The milk chocolate coating adds sweetness to complement the slightly savory wafer.

13. Maltesers

Maltesers is another candy that start with M. Basically, it is the combination of the crunchy chocolate shell and the light, airy center. When you bite into a Malteser, you experience a delightful contrast in texture, with the crispness of the chocolate shell giving way to the soft and slightly crunchy malted milk center.

This candy is often packaged in small bags or boxes, making it convenient for snacking or sharing with friends and family. They are a popular treat for movie nights, parties, or simply when you want a sweet indulgence.

14. Mary Janes

Mary Janes is a candy that start with M, and it has been around for a long time in the United States. These are small, individually wrapped, taffy-like candies that are often peanut butter-flavored. Mary Janes are well-known for their distinct shape and texture.

The main ingredients include sugar, corn syrup, peanut butter, and molasses. These ingredients are cooked together to create a chewy, taffy-like consistency. Some versions of this candy also include other flavors like chocolate or vanilla.

15. Mr. Goodbar

Mr. Goodbar is a popular candy that start with M and is made by The Hershey Company. It has been around for many years and is a favorite among chocolate and peanut enthusiasts.

The candy bar is relatively simple in its composition. Moreover, it consists of a milk chocolate coating surrounding a crunchy peanut center. The milk chocolate used in this candy is the smooth and creamy variety that Hershey’s is well-known for, providing a delicious and satisfying chocolatey taste.

16. Mike and Ike

Mike and Ike are small, oblong-shaped candies in various bright colors and flavors. Its common flavors include cherry, orange, strawberry, lemon, and lime. Each candy has a chewy texture, making them a satisfying treat to munch on.

These candies are often sold in small boxes or bags, making them convenient for snacking on the go or sharing with friends.

17. Moose Munch

At its core, Moose Munch candy starts with high-quality popcorn carefully popped to perfection. This fluffy popcorn is coated with a luscious layer of rich caramel, which adds a sweet buttery taste. But that’s not all! What makes Moose Munch truly special is the addition of crunchy nuts, such as almonds, cashews, or pecans.

Popular variations include milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and white chocolate Moose Munch. Moreover, each one offers a unique twist on the classic recipe, making it suitable for chocolate lovers and those who prefer a milder or stronger cocoa taste.

18. Mounds

The Mounds bar consists of a delicious filling made of sweet and moist shredded coconut, which is then covered in rich, dark chocolate. The coconut filling in this candy is soft and chewy, providing a delightful tropical taste that transports your senses to a sunny paradise.

The sweetness of the coconut perfectly complements the slightly bitter notes of the dark chocolate coating, creating a balanced and satisfying flavor combination. One of the unique aspects of Mounds candy is that it is entirely free of nuts.

candy that start with m

19. Mentos

Mentos is another popular candy that start with M. They come in small, round shapes and instantly freshen breath. These mints are known for their strong and long-lasting flavor, making them a favorite choice for those seeking a quick way to freshen up after meals or before social interactions.

20. Moon Pie

Moon Pie is a classic American snack and dessert enjoyed for generations. It is a sweet treat consisting of two round graham cracker cookies with a marshmallow filling the center. The whole sandwich is then coated in a layer of chocolate, making it a delicious combination of flavors and textures.

It comes in various sizes, and over time, different flavors came along like vanilla, banana, and even seasonal variations. However, the original chocolate Moon Pie remains the most popular and iconic choice.

Interestingly, Sheldon Cooper was lovingly called Moon Pie by his grandmother in the Big Bang Theory.


Next time you are in the mood for a delectable treat, consider trying one of these mouth-watering candies that start with M. From the iconic favorites to the lesser-known gems, each candy offers a symphony of flavors that will brighten up your day and become your new favorite indulgence.

So, go ahead and savor the sweetness of these delightful candy that start with M and enjoy every moment of the treat!


1. What chocolates start with M?

Chocolates that start with M include Marabou, Mars Bar, Maltesers, Milky Way, Mounds, Mr. Big, and others.

2. Does M&M’s have a candy bar?

Yes, M&M’s does have a candy bar version and it is available in chocolate flavor.

3. Are M&M the most popular candy?

M&M’s are popular, but whether they are the most popular candy worldwide is subjective. However, they are well-known in the US.

4. What is the yummiest candy in the world?

Snickers is the best-selling candy bar in the world. However, if it’s the yummiest is still subjective and depends on personal preferences.

5. What are top 5 best candies?

The popular choices for the top 5 candies include Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Snickers, KitKat, M&M’s, and Skittles.