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20 Popular Candy That Start With R

When we hear the letter R, we often think of words like red, roses, and rover. But have you ever wondered about candy that start with R? If your curiosity led you here, you’re in for a treat. We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of delicious R-starting candies to explore.

From chocolates to chewy delights, lollipops to gums, there’s a whole range to satisfy your sweet tooth. Keep an eye out for unique options like raisin treats, peanut butter confections, and vibrant rainbow candies on our list.

From timeless classics to innovative goodies, this list is your gateway to a realm of sugary candy that start with R.

Candies that start with r

When people think of candy brand names, they often recall iconic ones like “M&M’s,” “Snickers,” “Hershey’s,” “Skittles,” “Twix,” and many more. These names have been established in the confectionery market for years and have strong brand recognition.

While candy that start with R is used in some lesser-known candy brand names, it’s not among the first names that come to mind for most people when discussing candies.

But still, there are plenty of options under this alphabet. Here are 20 such delicious candy that start with R.

1. Reggie Bar

The Reggie Bar is a chocolate, caramel, and peanut candy bar created in 1978 by the Curtiss Candy Company. It is made with a thick layer of caramel topped with peanuts, and coated in milk chocolate. The bar is chewy and crunchy candy with a rich flavor.

The candy was discontinued in 1981, but it was brought back in 2023 by Bobb Howard’s General Store & Auto Repair shop in New Hyde Park, New York. It is now available for purchase online and at select retailers.

2. Raspberry Rings

Raspberry Rings candy is small, ring-shaped gummy candies flavored with raspberry. They are typically made with gelatin, sugar, corn syrup, citric acid, artificial flavors, and artificial colors. These candies are then dusted with powdered sugar, which gives them a sweet and tart flavor.

You can serve them at parties and other gatherings, and they can also be enjoyed as a snack or dessert. Raspberry Rings are a relatively inexpensive candy, and they are available in a variety of sizes and packaging options.

3. Rock Candy

Rock Candy is prepared using a simple yet fascinating process involving transforming sugar syrup into beautiful, crystal-like formations. The result is visually appealing and a treat for the taste buds.

Also, this candy isn’t just a treat – it has more uses. You can enjoy it as it is or sweeten your tea. Get creative by using it to decorate desserts and cocktails at events.

candy that start with r

4. Rolo

Rolo candy is candy that start with R, and it’s small, round, and kind of like a little chocolate button. It’s made of creamy milk chocolate on the outside, and inside, there’s a soft and gooey caramel filling.

So, when you bite, you get a yummy mix of chocolate and caramel flavors. They usually come in a roll or a tube-like package; you can pop them into your mouth individually. People enjoy them as a tasty and chewy snack!

5. Rainbow Drops

Rainbow Drops are colorful and tiny candies like little grains of rice. They’re often very bright and come in various colors like red, yellow, green, blue, and more. These candies are made from puffed rice, so they’re light and crunchy.

Imagine the texture of crispy cereal but in tiny candy form. They’re sweet and fun to eat, and because they’re so small and lightweight, they feel a bit like you’re eating little candy rainbows. People enjoy Rainbow Drops by the handful as a tasty and colorful treat!

6. Razzles

Razzles come in various flavors like raspberry, grape, and orange. When you first put a Razzle in your mouth, it’s like a regular hard candy with a sweet and fruity taste. But as you keep chewing, it magically transforms into gum you can chew and blow bubbles with.

So, it’s like getting two treats in one – first a candy and then a gum! People like Razzles because they offer a surprising and fun experience for your taste buds.

7. Red Vines

Red Vines candy is long and twisty like a rope. They’re usually red and have a sweet, slightly fruity flavor, like red berries. These candies are soft and chewy and made from a mixture of ingredients like sugar, corn syrup, and flavorings.

You can enjoy them by separating them into smaller pieces and eating them individually. They’re a popular treat at movie theaters, parties, and as a snack. Some folks even like to use Red Vines as straws to sip drinks through, which is a fun and creative way to enjoy them!

8. Reggie Bar Jr.

The Reggie Bar is a candy that start with R. It was created in honor of baseball legend Reggie Jackson, who played for the Yankees and was known for his impressive performance in the 1977 World Series.

The New York Yankees reintroduced the chocolate bar in 2023 as part of a celebration. It’s associated with a memorable moment in Yankees history. The candy is brought back after being discontinued for many years.

9. Red Hots

Red Hots are small, round, and bright red, making them look like tiny fireballs. These candies are hard and crunchy, with a strong and bold cinnamon taste. They’re loved for their spicy kick and sweet flavor at the same time.

You can enjoy Red Hots by eating them individually, or use them to add some extra flavor to other treats like baked goods or desserts. Just remember, they can be pretty fiery, so be prepared for a burst of cinnamon heat when you eat them!

10. Ring Pop Bites

You might already know about Ring Pops – candy rings you can wear on your finger and enjoy by licking and eating. Ring Pop Bites are like the little siblings of Ring Pops. They’re small, candy-coated treats that come in various flavors.

These bite-sized candies are sweet and fruity and easy to enjoy on the go. They’re a bit like mini lollipops but without the stick. They are loved for their convenience and playful nature – you can pop them into your mouth and enjoy a burst of flavor in a small, colorful package.

11. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups are a yummy treat made from two layers. One layer is chocolate, like the kind in chocolate bars, and the other layer is made from peanut butter. Imagine a little cup made of chocolate; inside that cup is a creamy peanut butter filling.

When you bite, you get a tasty mix of chocolate and peanut butter all in one delicious candy! They’re a favorite for many who love sweet chocolate and salty peanut butter.

12. Runts

Runts candy are tiny, colorful treats that come in various fruit shapes. They look like little bananas, grapes, strawberries, oranges, and more. These candies are hard and crunchy, like small pieces of candy you can hold in your hand.

Each shape usually has a different fruity flavor, so eating them is like having a burst of fruit taste in your mouth. Runts are a fun and sweet snack that many enjoy, mainly because they come in different shapes and colors

13. Raisinets

Raisinets are a delicious candy that start with R and combines two tasty things: raisins and chocolate. Raisins are dried grapes, and they’re naturally sweet and chewy. Raisinets take these raisins and coat them in a smooth layer of chocolate.

So, the candy is like little raisins with a thin layer of chocolatey shell. When you bite into them, you get the yummy combination of sweet chocolate and the natural sweetness of the raisins. They’re a great option if you like the mix of fruity and chocolatey flavors together in one bite!

14. Rainbow Nerds

Rainbow Nerds are tiny and come in lots of different bright colors. Each color usually has a distinct fruity flavor, like cherry, grape, lemon, and more.

When you eat Rainbow Nerds, you will notice that they’re crunchy and give a fruity taste. They’re often sold in small boxes, and people enjoy them for their vibrant colors and the mix of flavors you can try all at once.

candy that start with r

15. Rockets

Rockets is a candy that start with R, also known as “Smarties” in some places. They are small, round, and colorful sweets that come in a roll or a package, and when you open it up, you’ll find a bunch of these little candies.

Each candy is often a different color, and they have a sweet and slightly tangy taste. They’re popular because you can enjoy them individually, and they’re a classic treat that many people like to have as a simple and satisfying snack.

16. Root Beer Barrels

Root Beer Barrels candies are little sweets that taste like root beer, a kind of soda with a unique flavor. These candies are usually small and barrel-shaped, like tiny barrels.

Eating them gives you a sweet and slightly spicy taste, similar to drinking root beer. You can enjoy them as a treat when you want something sweet and flavored.

17. Riesen

Riesen is like little chewy caramel candies, but they have a unique twist. Each Riesen candy is covered in a layer of rich chocolate, which makes them extra tasty. So, when you eat a Riesen, you get the sweet and soft caramel inside mixed with the deliciousness of chocolate on the outside.

They’re a bit like a caramel-chocolate duo that’s both chewy and sweet, making them a delightful treat for those who enjoy that combo!

18. Ricola

Ricola is famous for making soothing and refreshing cough drops or throat lozenges. You can pop a Ricola tablet into your mouth when you have a sore throat, cough, or want to freshen up your breath.

These tablets are made with natural ingredients like herbs and flavors that can help ease throat discomfort and provide a comforting feeling. They often come in different flavors like honey, lemon, or cherry.

19. Ring Dings

Ring Dings are small, round cake sandwich candy that start with R. The chocolate cake layers are soft and moist, and the creamy filling inside can vary in flavor, like vanilla or marshmallow.

Once the cake layers and filling are put together, the whole thing is usually coated in a smooth chocolate icing, adding an extra layer of sweetness and flavor. Ring Dings is a popular snack or dessert that satisfies chocolate cravings and offers a delightful combination of textures and flavors.

20. Ritter Sport

Ritter Sport is a brand of chocolate bars are famous for their unique square shape. These chocolate bars come in various flavors, and each square of chocolate is divided into smaller squares, making it easy to break apart and share or enjoy one piece at a time.

The brand offers various flavors, from classic milk chocolate to more exotic options like marzipan, hazelnut, and even yogurt-filled varieties. The brand is famous for using high-quality ingredients and producing chocolate with a smooth and creamy texture.

Final thoughts

While “R” might not be as immediately synonymous with candies as other letters, there are various delicious and unique options to explore.

So, if you’re looking to try something new or rediscover old favorites, this list of 20 candy that start with R is a great place to start your sweet journey.


1. What chocolate starts with R?

Ritter Sport is a German chocolate brand that starts with R.

2. What are the top 5 most popular candies?

The top 5 most popular candies can vary, but some common choices are M&M’s, Snickers, Hershey’s, Skittles, and Twix.

3. What’s the most famous candy?

One of the most famous candies is M&M’s, known for its colorful candy-coated chocolate pieces.

4. What German chocolate starts with R?

Ritter Sport is a well-known German chocolate brand that starts with R.

5. What is Russian chocolate called?

Russian chocolate is “шоколад” (shokolad), which simply means “chocolate” in Russian.