Moonstruck Chocolates

I bought these Moonstruck truffles at a posh gift shop in Rochester. They cost a pretty penny, so I limited myself to three: Peppercorn and Sesame (it was on sale; half off), Ocumarian, and Chocolate Malted Cream Cone.

Peppercorn and Sesame was a dark chocolate square prettily decorated with a pink speckled white chocolate topper. It had a breathtakingly sharp peppercorn scent that was echoed in its acrid flavor.

The ganache also tasted weirdly floral. A light undertone of sesame wasn’t enough to counter the off-putting acrid floralness. I can see why it was on sale. A .

The Ocumarian was prettily molded with fluted sides and the Moonstruck logo on top. Moonstruck’s website describes it as, “a ganache of dark chocolate derived from rare and exotic criollo cocoa beans from the Ocumare Valley of Venezuela, infused with ancho and chipotle chiles.”

The thick and smooth ganache was deep and rich with cocoa flavor, while the spices brought in a latent tingly burn. The dark chocolate shell tasted deep and dusky, with an incredible intensity. An OM for the awesomeness of the chocolate that formed the foundation of this truffle.

I bought the Chocolate Malted Cream Cone because of its striking appearance and because I love malt. It was described as “a milk chocolate and malted milk-flavored French butter cream, inside a milk chocolate cone, topped with dark chocolate and finished with a dusting of malt.”

The cone itself was milk chocolate, while the top was dipped in dark. The butter cream filling was incredibly airy, more like a whipped mousse than a typical butter cream. It melted very fattily on the tongue and tasted of cocoa powder and malt.

The sprinkle of malt powder on top brought a slight crunchy grit. I love malt, and I loved this. An OMG.

Maynards Juicy Squirts – Berry

These Maynards Juicy Squirts are right up there with Crunky Nude Balls in the category of unfortunately/awesomely named candy. I found them in Canada and bought them because they looked fun, and because they’d let me use the words “juicy squirt” a lot.

They come in four flavors: wild cherry-berry, strawberry-kiwi, peach-raspberry, and grape-berry. In all of the names, the first fruit is the outer gummi, while the second fruit is the inner juicy squirt.

Wild cherry-berry and grape-berry both had the same pink berry filling. Wild cherry tasted generically red with darker notes of cherry, while grape had a dark, just shy of popsicley-grape flavor. I thought the pink juicy squirt goo tasted more like apple than berry.

Peach-raspberry was uneventful, an orange gummi with a red juicy squirt. I found it mildly floral and fruity.

Strawberry-kiwi was my hands-down favorite. The strawberry gummi had a mild generic red candy flavor. The faintly green colored lime juicy squirt was the real standout here. It had a zesty limey zing that was surprisingly flavorful for a generic gummi.

An OM for the strawberry-kiwi, and an O for the rest. Also juicy squirt, juicy squirt, juicy squirt.

Kit Kat Uji Matcha

I got this Uji Matcha Kit Kat as a free sample from Uji Matcha is a specific blend of green tea, and it’s one of the many flavors of Japanese Kit Kats.

The Kit Kat fingers were pea green colored. Even though I’ve reviewed quite a few matcha chocolates on this blog, I still find their coloring to be shocking.

They tasted creamy with a light herbal undertone and had an almost bitter lingering finish. They had no chocolate flavor – it was all tea and dairy.

I liked the crisp crunch of the cookies, but I’m not a big fan of tea in general, and matcha-flavored chocolates just really ain’t my thing. An O.

Kit Kat Framboise

These Kit Kat Framboise were free samples from I love trying different varieties of Japanese Kit Kats! I’m also amused that these Japanese Kit Kats were named in French – framboise means raspberry.

Everything about this Kit Kat was pretty. The pink polka dots and ribbon on the outer box made it look like a little present, and the inner wrappers were pleasantly retro with their pink polka dots and chocolate brown tips.

The fingers themselves were pretty as well. The wrapper’s color combination of pink and chocolate brown was echoed in the actual chocolate: the creme filling between the wafers was pale pink.

It smelled pretty artificial, but thankfully, that scent didn’t detract from the Kit Kat’s taste. It had a strongly bright berry flavor with slightly seedy raspberry notes. The flavor packed enough of a punch to stand up to the creamy, dusky milk chocolate.

The wafers were crunchy and toasty and provided a nice contrast that highlighted the fruity chocolate. I loved this and wish it was available in the U.S. An OMG.

Cadbury Popping Mini Eggs

I found these Cadbury Popping Mini Eggs in Canada. I love Cadbury Mini Eggs and always try to snatch them up around Easter time, so I was super excited to try them with a popping twist.

Tiny print on the bottom of the wrapper called them, “solid milk chocolate eggs with popping candy in a crisp candy shell.”

On the outside, they looked identical to regular Mini Eggs – same tiny egg shape, same matte candy shell, same slight speckling. All the fun was hidden inside!

The milk chocolate was the same as that of regular Mini Eggs: lusciously thick and creamy with dusky, caramel tones. In the Popping Mini Eggs, however, that melt was interrupted by the texture of the popping crystals.

Those poppers added an crackly tickle in the mouth. For me, it was mostly experienced in the back of my throat.

The feeling was fun and rather surreal, like holding tiny live jumping creatures in my mouth. As far as I could tell, they didn’t affect the taste at all.

When I eat regular Mini Eggs, I like holding them in my mouth and letting the sugar shell melt away and meld into the thick milk chocolate within. With the Popping Mini Eggs, I preferred to crunch through the shell and chomp right to the popping-ness.

The popping was a fun addition to an already tasty treat. I can’t decide if I like these better than the regular version. I think the Popping Mini Eggs are fun, while the regular Mini Eggs feel more indulgent because it’s easier to experience their melt. These get an OM.

Twix Coconut – Updated with Giveaway!

Twix Coconut is the newest limited edition offering from the folks at Mars. It’s comprised of “creamy milk chocolate, crunchy cookie, [and] coconut flavored caramel.”

Mine came as a free sample in a press pack inside a plastic coconut and with a tiny USB that I first thought was a fun-sized regular Twix bar. Hooray for fun candy swag!

The Twix Coconut didn’t look or smell any different from a regular Twix bar. The chocolate and cookie were the usual Twix fare, mildly sweet for the former and pleasantly dry, crunchy, and buttery for the latter.

The caramel was where the difference lay. It had overtones of artificial coconuttiness. The flavor was nicely floral and nutty, but it tasted rather fake – more sunscreen than actual coconut.

I enjoyed the combination of the biscuit and the chewy, sweet, nutty caramel, but it wasn’t quite genuinely nutty enough to push it to the next level. I’m glad that I got to try this, but Twix Java is still my favorite twist on Twix. An O.

Update: Twix has offered to give one lucky reader a Twix Coconut to try for him or herself. Leave a comment about which Limited Edition Twix is your favorite or about what flavor of Twix you’d like to see by 11:59 PM EST, Sunday, April 24th. U.S. readers only please. One commenter will be randomly selected to win.

Please leave a valid email address in the Mail field, NOT in the body of your comment (unless you’re not afraid of spammers) so that I can contact you if you win.

Edit: This contest is now closed. Congratulations to Barbara!