18 Candies That Start With P

18 Candies That Start With P

Indulging in a delightful array of candies is a joyous experience, and when it comes to the letter P, a whole world of delectable treats opens up. From timeless classics to modern favorites, the list of candies that start with P is both diverse and exciting.

Whether you’re a fan of peanut-infused delights or fruit-flavored sensations, there’s something on this list to tempt every palate. So, let’s dive into the world of candy that start with P and satisfy our sweet cravings in the most delicious way possible.

Candies that start with the letter P

Yes, the letter P is a popular choice for candy names because it sounds fun and catchy, making it great for grabbing attention. It’s connected to words like pleasure and playful, which fit well with candy’s happy and indulgent nature.

Famous candies like Peppermint Patty and Peanut Butter Cups have made the letter “P” even more popular for candy names. However, other letters like “C,” “M,” and “S” are also used.

Choosing a letter depends on how it sounds, what’s trendy, and how it makes people feel. So, the popularity of “P” for candies comes from its catchy sound, positive associations, and recognizable brands.

1. Popsicles

Popsicles are sweet treats that come in small, colorful, and flavorful pieces. They are similar to small, yummy ice pops, but they’re not frozen like regular popsicles. Instead, they’re solid and meant to be enjoyed at room temperature.

These candies are chewy and can be easily popped into your mouth. They’re great for satisfying your sweet tooth and enjoying different fruity tastes in one small candy.

18 Candies That Start With P

2. Peeps

Peeps candies take on the adorable forms of animals such as chicks and bunnies, displaying a palette of lively hues including yellow, pink, and blue. People enjoy Peeps, especially during holidays like Easter.

The main ingredients here are sugar and gelatin, which gives them softness and flavorings to make them taste delicious. So, you can be sure Peeps are a popular and tasty treat, especially around special times of the year

3. Peppermint Bark

Peppermint Bark is a yummy holiday treat that many people enjoy. It’s made by layering melted white and dark chocolate together and then sprinkling crushed peppermint.

After it cools and hardens, you break it into pieces to eat. The combination of sweet chocolate and the refreshing kick of peppermint makes it a delightful treat during the festive season.

4. Peanut Chews

Peanut Chews are delicious candies that start with P with a dedicated fan base. These treats feature a chewy center crafted from a delightful blend of peanuts and a sweet, caramel-like filling.

This chewy and nutty core is then generously coated in a layer of rich chocolate, enhancing the taste and texture. The unique combination of crunchy peanuts, chewy caramel, and indulgent chocolate creates a satisfying and enjoyable snacking experience

5. Pixy Stix

Pixy Stix is full of fun and flavor. They come in small paper straws filled with colorful powdered candy. You can tear open one end of the straw and pour the sweet, tangy powder into your mouth.

The powder is made from sugar and various fruit flavors, giving each Pixy Stix a burst of taste. They’re like a sweet and playful way to enjoy a quick candy fix.

6. Peach Rings

Peach rings are ring-shaped and have a chewy texture. They are also peach-flavored, giving them a sweet, tangy taste that resembles real peaches.

These candies that start with P are typically made with a gummy or gel-like substance and coated with sugar to add a bit of sweetness. Their cute ring shape and peachy flavor make them a popular treat for those who love fruity candies.

7. Pralines

Pralines are candies that start with P and are made from nuts and sugar. They are made with pecans, but other nuts like almonds can also be used. Imagine pieces of nuts coated in a delicious, sugary mixture.

The result is a sweet, nutty, crunchy, and flavorful treat. Pralines can come in different shapes and sizes but mostly look like little rounds or patties.

8. Pocky

Pocky is a tasty and popular candy from Japan. It’s made of thin, biscuit-like sticks dipped in sweet coatings like chocolate, strawberry, or matcha (green tea). The posts have a crunch, while the layer adds a delicious flavor.

Moreover, the sticks are long and slim, making them easy to hold and eat. People enjoy them as a convenient and enjoyable treat in various flavors to suit different preferences.

9. Piña Colada Hard Candy

It is a flavorful and tropical treat that’s small and hard, like little colorful jewels. They are flavored to taste like piña colada, a popular cocktail made with pineapple and coconut.

When you enjoy Piña Colada Hard Candy, you’ll experience the delightful combination of fruity pineapple and creamy coconut flavors reminiscent of the famous tropical drink. The hard candy form allows you to savor these tropical flavors over a longer period.

10. Pez

Pez candy is a small, colorful candy in a special dispenser. The dispenser looks like a little toy or character with a small slot on top. When you push a lever on the dispenser, a piece of candy pops out, and you can eat it.

The candy is known for being fun to play with and eat, especially because of the dispenser. It’s like a yummy treat that comes in a cool package you can use repeatedly.

11. Powerberries

Powerberries are candies that start with P and are made by Trader Joe’s. They are made with real fruit juice pieces dipped in smooth dark chocolate. The fruit juice pieces have acai, pomegranate, cranberry, and blueberry juices.

They are a good source of antioxidants and fiber and are made with real fruit juice. Powerberries are a great way to satisfy your sweet tooth without sacrificing health.

12. Push Pop

A Push Pop’s comes in a tube-shaped container with a cap on one end. Inside the tube, there’s a stick-like piece of candy that you can push up from the bottom. You can lick or bite the candy off and enjoy the sweet taste as you push it up.

The cool thing about Push Pops is that you can eat them bit by bit without getting your hands sticky. It’s a convenient and tasty treat that’s perfect for on-the-go snacking.

13. Perugina Baci

Perugina Baci (pronounced bah-chee) is a type of Italian chocolate confection made by the Perugina company. These chocolates are special because they have a unique combination of flavors and a little message.

Each Baci chocolate consists of a hazelnut nestled inside a smooth chocolate shell. What makes them even more interesting is that they are wrapped in a piece of foil with a romantic or thoughtful message printed in multiple languages. It’s like a little surprise waiting for you when you open the wrapper. The word “Baci” actually means “kisses” in Italian.

14. PomPoms

PomPoms are small and round, like tiny balls. They’re soft and chewy, so you can enjoy them by taking small bites or letting them melt in your mouth. They’re a bit like gummy candies but with a unique texture.

You can find them in colorful packaging at stores, candy shops, or sometimes even vending machines. They’re candies that start with P to satisfy your sweet tooth!

Candies That Start With P

15. Pulse

Pulse is a type of hard candy that comes in small pieces that have a mix of sweet and sour taste. While the outer layer of the candy is sweet with flavors like betel leaf, orange, and strawberry there is sour power in the middle. It gives you an instant burst of complex taste and make your tastebuds shake.

The candy is bright in color and comes in individual wrappers, making it easy to enjoy them on the go. People like Pulse candy because it’s not just sweet; it has a zingy and tangy quality that makes it stand out from regular candies. It’s a favorite among those who enjoy various flavors in their candies.

16. Pippermint Patties

Pippermint Patties are candies that start with P and consist of a soft and smooth mint-flavored filling coated in a layer of chocolate. The mint filling is often made with ingredients like confectioner’s sugar, peppermint extract, and sometimes a bit of butter to give it a creamy texture and minty flavor.

The filling is shaped into small, flat discs and then coated with a layer of chocolate, which can be dark chocolate or sometimes milk chocolate. The chocolate coating adds a rich, sweet flavor that pairs nicely with the refreshing, minty interior.

Candies That Start With P

17. Polo

Polo mints come in a cylindrical tube or a roll, each containing multiple mints. The mints are hard and usually white, with a hole in the center, giving them their unique design. You can enjoy Polo mints to freshen your breath after eating or simply as a tasty and cooling treat.

These candies are famous for their intense mint flavor that can provide a quick burst of freshness. They’re easy to carry in a bag or pocket, making them convenient whenever you need a minty pick-me-up. Polo mints are popular in many places and have become a classic choice for many.

18. Peach Jellies

Peach jellies are typically made using fruit juice, flavoring, sugar, and gelatin. Combining these ingredients creates the jelly-like consistency that gives the candy its name. They also have a slightly sugary coating to prevent them from sticking together.

They have a soft and chewy texture, similar to gummy candies, and they come in the shape of small squares or slices. These candies are known for their sweet and fruity peach flavor, which can remind you of biting into a juicy, ripe peach.

Final thoughts

The letter “P” is indeed a popular choice for candy names, as it has a catchy and playful sound that aligns well with the joyful and indulgent nature of candies.

Whether it’s the fruity burst of Popsicles, the nutty crunch of Pralines, the cute and colorful Peeps, or any of the other delightful options on this list, candies that start with P offer a wide array of flavors, textures, and experiences to satisfy every sweet tooth.

So, the next time you’re looking for a tasty treat, don’t hesitate to explore candies that start with P and indulge in some delightful confectionery goodness.

We believe you have figured out some new candies in this list. Although we tried to cover all popular candies that start with P, if you still find your favorite candy missing, please let us know in the comments.


1. What chocolate starts with P?

Pralines is a chocolate that start with P.

2. What are the top 5 most popular candies?

It varies but includes Snickers, M&M’s, Skittles, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, and Kit Kat.

3. What are candies in India?

Candies in India include traditional sweets like laddoo barfi and modern options like toffees and chocolate bars.

4. What is PS chocolate?

The limited edition Milk Chocolate from Cadbury’s P.S. features a delightful arrangement of wafer and chocolate-flavored cream, all enveloped in a rich milk chocolate coating.

5. What is Italian chocolate beginning with P?

Pernigotti is a notable Italian chocolate brand.

6. Is chocolate high in po?

Chocolate is not typically high in potassium (po). It contains other nutrients like magnesium and iron.

7. What is the origin of chocolate?

Chocolate originates from the cacao bean, first cultivated by ancient civilizations in Mesoamerica.

8. Is white chocolate real chocolate?

White chocolate contains cocoa butter but lacks cocoa solids, so some debate whether it’s true chocolate, but many consider it as real chocolate.

9. What are some famous luxury chocolate brands?

Examples of luxury chocolate brands include Godiva, Neuhaus, and Lindt’s Excellence line.