The Italian Lakes: The Ultimate Guide

With magnificent picturesque scenery on offer, the Italian lakes are undoubtedly one of the most beautiful destinations in the world. It’s no surprise that the Italian lakes are on so many of our destination bucket lists. With this in mind, you should absolutely consider adding the Italian lakes to your travel destination bucket list. The lakes each provide unique character and views which bring thousands of tourists to visit every year. The three largest lakes in Italy cover over 100 km.  Let’s discover more about three of Italy’s most famous lakes. 

Table of Contents

Lake Como

Lake Como lives around 30 miles north of the vibrant and trendy city of Milan. You can travel to Lake Como easily from Milan by train. The lake is huge and is home to a range of small villages which you can easily visit by ferry or boat from the main town of Como, situated south of the lake. What makes Lake Como stand out is its breathtaking mountain backdrop. With this, the lake also offers clear waters and charming coastal towns to explore. You’ll also be able to spot impressive 17th-century villas lining the shores, some of which are home to George Clooney, Madonna and Richard Branson. You’ll also have a chance to explore the pretty streets of Bellagio and Menaggio. 

Lake Garda

Covering an area of 143 square miles, it is the biggest lake in Italy, with beautiful intensely blue-looking water which will take your breath away with its transparency.  The lake offers historical culture in its medieval-style villages which are squeezed among walls and towers along the coastline of the lake. The hot climate attracts tourists for holidays who come to enjoy the beauty of the lake as well as the range of leisure activities available in the small towns located around the lake. Located on the southeast of the lake, the Gardaland theme park is one the most visited funfairs in Italy. According to Statista, in 2018 it was the eighth most-visited theme park in Europe. At the top of the lake, you will find sloping mountains and carved cliffs which drop down to the lake creating an immense backdrop. 

Lake Maggiore

Sometimes forgotten about and underrated in comparison to Como and Garda, Maggiore brings sophistication and beauty to the Italian lakes. The lake acts as a gateway to the Alps and Switzerland. It also provides active tourists and nature lovers with a vast choice of exhilarating activities such as hiking trails around the coastline and mountains, bike paths around the lake, water sports on the stunning water and wellness activities in nearby towns. Take in the pretty views of the surrounding mountains of Monte Tamaro and Mottarone. 

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