ISS Oh Yeah! Bar

I got this Oh Yeah! bar sample at Duke Recreation‘s open house. Gotta love well punctuated food brands!

The wrapper promised chocolate, caramel, and peanuts. Two of the three were readily visible upon unwrapping the bar; it was completely covered in half peanuts and coated in chocolates.

The nuts were dry and crunchy with a light nuttiness. The chocolate contributed just a light cocoa-ness.

The center of the bar was a pale, golden brown. It was dry, chewy, and grainy and turned into a bland paste that tasted of protein.

Sadly, the chewy center was really unpleasant. I guess it was supposed to be the caramel part, but it didn’t taste like caramel at all. It just tasted like yuck.

To be fair, the purpose of the Oh Yeah! bar is to serve as a post-workout, protein-packed snack, so I didn’t expect it to be as delicious as a true candy bar. Then again, if they’re promising caramel, they should deliver! A .

A Frightening Amount of Licorice

Blogging can be a dangerous hobby! Via my friend Neil, a poor blogger named Alex made fun of Finland and their salmiakki, a salty licorice treat. Some prank-happy Finns decided to assemble all the salmiakki that they could find and mailed it all to Alex for his perusal.

Alex has been making (salty) lemonade out of lemons. He’s recording his salmiakki tasting adventures.

I would now like to state that I think Germans are silly because they make Haribo, which are ridiculous sweet treats. I hope no one mails me all the Haribo that they can find in Germany…

Hershey’s Kiss – Air Delight

This Hershey’s Kiss Air Delight is the newest addition to the Hershey Kiss line-up. It’s basically aerated chocolate in Hershey Kiss form.

I was a total sucker for the packaging here – I loved the retro polka dotted look of the wrapper. The Kiss itself looked like a normal Kiss until I bit into it.

The inside, as expected, contained a network of bubbles. They weren’t as neatly spherical as those of other aerated chocolates that I’ve reviewed and photographed.

The chocolate of this Kiss had a soft, instant compression. It just squished in my mouth before yielding a thick melt that coated my mouth. I didn’t notice the aeration beyond the squish factor and an overall lightening of the Kiss.

The flavor was classic Hershey’s: mild cocoa with a slight sour tinge. It was a fun take on the classic Kiss but not unique enough for me to want to just buy them for their own sake. An O.

Cybele reviewed these before they even officially hit the market. You can check out her take here.

Cheesecake Pejoy

Today I’ll be reviewing a treat in the “Asian treats shaped like sticks” genre: Cheesecake Pejoy. I bought them in China.

Cheesecake Pejoy is made by Glico. They have a decent U.S. presence (they make Pocky), and various flavors of Pejoy are available in U.S. Asian grocery stores. I’d never seen the cheesecake version in America before, so when I came across them in China, I just had to pick up a box.

China is modernizing at a rapid clip, so I may be a bit behind the times, but I don’t think cheesecake is all that well known in China. There, even just cheese is a fairly new import, so I was surprised to see cheesecake as a flavor. But I’m not complaining – I love cheesecake. Probably too much!

Pejoy are basically an inside-out version of their more famous Pocky counterpart. Pocky are biscuit sticks coated in a thin layer of some sort of flavored frosting-like coating, such as chocolate or pumpkin. Pejoy are hollow tubes made of biscuit and filled with flavored frosting-like substance.

My Pejoys’ color varied from a pale yellow on the underbelly to a lovely golden brown toastiness on its top. Most of mine had little darker hatch marks – almost like grill marks – along the edges.

The cookie shell of the Pejoy tasted rather bland. I think it may have contained vanilla and butter, but the flavor was so neutral that it teetered on the edge of being savory in comparison to the sweeter filling.


The off-white, grainy-looking filling was creamy on the tongue, but it lacked flow. The texture was fine, but the rippling ribbons of cheesecake filling depicted on the box made me expect something a bit more luxurious. I couldn’t help but be a little disappointed.

Similarly, the tangy cream cheese scent of the sticks made me expect a similarly sweet and tangy flavor. Alas, the filling turned out to taste sweet with a dairy-ness to it, but it wholly lacked in tanginess.

For me, tangy creaminess is the best part of cheesecake. These Pejoy captured the essence of cheesecake in scent but not taste. While they were a nice snack, they weren’t a cheesecake snack, so they get an O.

A Saturated Market for Customizable Chocolate?

I’ve covered two customizable chocolate companies on this blog, Chocomize and Chocri. brought it to my attention that there’s some sketchiness to the similarities between the two companies.

According to the NY Times, a brother of one of Chocomize’s founders had worked at Chocri, though the Chocomize founders claim that they were inspired by a chocolate bar that melted and picked up some gummi bears. Drama!


Haribo Fruity-Bussi

Haribo Fruity-Bussi are the fruity corollary to the Jogi-Bussi that I reviewed on Monday. They were the same mix of gummi, foam, and goo as the Jogi-Bussi, but not yogurt-based. I far preferred these.

The three fruits on this wrapper were orange, raspberry, and pear, though all the gummies were shaped like little round, knobby raspberries/blackberries.

Orange tasted sweetly acidic with an orange tinge. The goo was nice and thick and beautifully oozy. It had a wonderfully zesty sharpness that was quite enjoyable.

Green was pear. It combined the mellowness of Fuji apples with a light peariness.

Red was raspberry. Raspberry is a tricky fruit flavor to nail, but Haribo did a pretty good job. These tasted darkly red with a great berry seediness.

The bland foam bottoms of these contrasted with the fruity, flavorful sweetness of the gummies. Still, the foam wasn’t as objectionable as that of the Jogi-Bussi since the Fruity-Bussis were much more flavorful.

The goos were the best part of these gummies. They tasted of concentrated fruitiness with a great viscosity that let their ooze coat and linger on the tongue. An OMG.

More Chocolate Health News

Via the NY Times Well Blog, an explanation of “how chocolate can help your workout:”

Mice given twice daily doses of epicatechin, a purified form of a flavanol found in cacao, were able to run longer than those given just water. But, of course, mice are not people, and processing cacao into chocolate can diminish or even destroy the epicatechin contained within.

Still, small amounts of dark chocolate could be helpful!

Haribo Jogi-Bussi

I found these Haribo Jogi-Bussi in Europe. There’s also a Fruity-Bussi version that I’ll review on Wednesday. They’re yogurt gummies with a foam bottom and some sort of goo in the center.

There were four fruits pictured on the wrapper – strawberry, apple, peach, and pear – but I only had two colors of gummi – pink and yellow. I think perhaps the gummi and goo sections were supposed to have separate flavors?

Pink’s gummi portion was on the stiff and chewy side and tasted generically sweet and red. I think it was supposed to be strawberry? The yogurt center had an herbal, grassy tinge to it. I wasn’t able to place the flavor, as it didn’t taste fruit-like to me at all.

I was not a fan of the foam bottom. The squishy styrofoamy texture weirded me out and was totally unpleasant.

Yellow had a rounder, more mellow flavor. It tasted lightly of citrus with some floral notes. I think it was supposed to be peach. The yogurt center was similarly incomprehensible with that herbal tinge.

These centers weren’t oozy enough, and I thought the yogurt centers tasted weird. I also really disliked the texture of the foam bottoms. An O.

Nestle/Wonka did a much better version of the gummi/foam/ooze combination with their Squishy Sploshberries. Also, not to give too much away, but the Fruity-Bussi were better too.



Candy Avatar Weirdness

Via AdFreak, here’s a bit of news that’s almost unbelievably strange: Ezaki Glico candies has been running candy ads with a much beloved girl named Aimi Eguchi. Turns out Aimi Eguchi isn’t a real person. Instead, she’s a computer-generated bit of wizardry, no doubt disappointing her many fans.