Essential Candies List – 56-110

Today, y’all get the latter half of my take on Cybele’s list of the 110 Essential Candies for Candivores. In case you missed it, the first half of the list posted last Friday. I’ve bolded what I’ve tried before and sprinkled comments and photos throughout, after the jump.

56    M&Ms / Smarties – the blue ones are my favorite.

57    Malted Milk Balls – I love ’em, especially when they come in special flavors.

58    Maple Sugar Candy not a fan. Too sweet for me.

59    Marathon Bar or Curly Wurly

60    Mars Snickers

61    Marshmallow

62    Marshmallow & Coconut Cup – I did three straight days of these: Valomilk, Cup-o-Gold, and Mallo Cup. The Cup-o-Gold emerged victorious.

63    Marshmallow Peeps – so much artistic potential lies in such tiny and not-found-in-nature colored treats.

64    MarzipanRitter Sport makes a great chocolate-covered version

65    Mentos

66    Mexican Mazapan – not a typo. I know I’ve had this before – it comes in a paper-wrapped round cake with a rose on it – but I seem to have lost the photo. Boo.

67    Mockolate – saddening but true.

68    Morinaga HiCHEW – a wonderful chewy candy that stays true to the fruits that it emulates.

69    Musk Sticks – these sound totally unappealing.

70    Necco Wafers – there’s been a mini roll waiting in my work desk since Halloween.

71    Nik-L-Nips or Wax Lips – I’ve got a couple of wax mustaches that the NCA sent me around Halloween, but I’ve yet to dare to try them.

72    Nougat & Nut Roll

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73    Nougat de Montelimar or Torrone – recently discovered and loved.

74    Panela, Panocha, Piloncillo and/or Jaggery

75    Pates de Fruits (fruit pate) – I tried a bunch when I got to visit France. They can be pricey, but it’s sort of understandable. Think about how much real fruit goes into making each super-concentrated bite!

76    Peanut Butter Buckeyes

77    Peanut Butter Crisp

78    Peanut Butter Molasses Chews – I don’t like plain Abba Zabbas, but I think the sour apple version is great!

79    Pecan Pralines (New Orleans Style & Texas Chewy) – That reminds me, I’ve been sitting on a review for a delicious confection by my hometown’s Lammes Candies: the Habanero Praline.

80    Peppermint Pattie

81    Pez

82    Pixy Stix or Lik m Aid – oooh I still love these. Nothing but colored, barely flavored sugar.

83    Pocket Coffee – I’ve been wanting to try these since Cybele reviewed them. I gotta get my hands on some!

84    Pocky – I don’t consider these to be candy, exactly, but I love to eat them!

85    Razzles – to me, they taste like Flintstones vitamins and blood (iron). No thanks!

86    Red Licorice

87    Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

88    Ribbon Candy and/or Old Fashioned Candy Sticks

89    Rock Candy or Konpeito – Marvo from the Impulsive Buy noted an unusual feature to Rock Candy Crystals.

90    Root Beer Barrels

91    Salt Water Taffy (bonus if you saw it being pulled)

92    Salted Caramel – a foodie must! I’m so glad it’s caught on.

93    Salted Licorice

94    Satellite Wafers (Flying Saucers) – I’ve seen them but never had the urge to try them.

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95    Single Origin Chocolate – did you know that in the U.S., the use of the term Single Origin is not at all regulated? Single Origin doesn’t equate deliciousness, but usually it’s pretty good because the producers are careful about sourcing their beans.

96    Smooth & Melty Mints

97    Spice Gumdrops and/or Spearmint Leaves

98    Sponge Candy – I still dream about the Dark Sponge from Economy Candy, which is structurally different from most sponge candy, as its innards are more honeycomb-like. Truely sponge-ike sponge candy seems to be decently common up here in the East Coast.

99    Starburst / Skittles

100    Swedish Fish

101    SweeTarts or other sour compressed Dextrose – simple, yet still one of my favorites.

102    Tamarind Candy

103    Tootsie Pop

104    Turkish Delight

105    U-No – I found this totally off-putting and completely inedible.

106    White Chocolate

107    White Rabbit – tastes like childhood to me.

108    Wine Gums

109    Zero

110    Zotz – I don’t why these aren’t more widely available. They’re so much fun, and far superior to fizzy Warheads.

Someday I’d like to come up with some sort of list myself, but reading Cybele’s was tiring enough. Maybe for 2011.