Hi-Chew Flavors: The Definitive Power Rankings

Considering that I’ve had thousands of Hi-Chews in my lifetime (I’m estimating here), I consider myself quite the expert of their many flavors. Ranking them can be like choosing between children, but if we are all being honest, some are just way better than others.

With this guide, I attempt to find the king of Hi-Chew. So without further ado, here are my rankings…

A list of all the Hi-Chew Flavors ranked from worst to best as ranked by ZOMG Candy:

12. Chocolate


11. Cherry

Too syrupy and overpowering for my taste. As a single flavor pack, it’s too much. Hard pass.

10. Grape

Again, it kind of has that cough syrup vibe. I would say it’s less so than grape flavors of other candy, but this is not one I would actively seek out (if given the choice).

9. Melon

Coming in lower than you’d probably expect is Melon – this one just doesn’t really do it for me. Certainly a unique choice from Hi-Chew, these are honestly just as boring as the fruit itself. By the end of the Tropical pack, I’m usually left with nothing but melon. Pass.

8. Green Apple

Not much to say about Green Apple other than it’s exactly what you would expect. Not super sour, but not super flavorful, it lands in the middle of the pack without much distinction.

T6. Lime

T6. Lemon

It’s hard to rank one of these over the other. In an effective “tie”, Lemon and Lime give a strong showing mainly based on their sourness.

5. Strawberry

Can’t go wrong with Strawberry. A safe pick if you aren’t a Hi-Chew risk-taker.

4. Peach

Fans of peach flavor will find these Hi-Chews to be packed with that amazing taste. They have the essence of peach nailed here, which is why they are able to crack the top 5.

3. Banana

While I’m not the biggest fan of banana flavors in general, this one is definitely good enough to be one of my favorite Hi-Chews. With the island / tropical feel, banana is hard to find but definitely worth the buy.

2. Mango

Of all the Hi-Chew flavors, Mango is likely the most sought after, and for good reason! Try eating these alone, as you won’t want to share, and everyone will want one. Mango is a classic and was the best for a long time. Until recently…

1. Grapefruit

Clearly the standout from the Sour Hi-Chew flavors, Grapefruit beats the juggernaut that is Mango (for me). Both a unique flavor choice and packed with flavor, Grapefruit dethrones Mango to be the best Hi-Chew flavor on the market right now. Congrats to Grapefruit for the big upset.

Unranked Flavors (because I haven’t tried them yet):

  • Kiwi
  • Orange Soda
  • Cola

What do you think of my list? Feel free to leave your #1 choice in the comments!

Need to try them yourself? Find (most of) them here: