Sour Patch Kids Original

Sour Patch Kids – An Unnecessary Review

Sour Patch Kids

An almost perfect candy.

Conclusion: Highly recommend
Sour Patch Kids Flavors: Raspberry, Lime, Berry, Lemon, Orange

It’s time for another review. This one is an actual classic; no need for debate. It’s Sour Patch Kids, the candy that debatably started my entire addiction to sugar and sour candies in the first place.

Sour Patch Kids Original

There’s honestly not too much for me to say here. For any sour-lover this is the best snack around. It’s solid. While not all the flavors are uniformly great (I’m looking at you, orange), the candy more than makes up for it with it’s gummy children coated in sugar.

In fact, I think Sour Patch Kids are taken for granted a bit now that there are other ‘extreme’ and sour candies on the scene. The Sour Patch Kids are classically good and don’t mess with the formula. That being said, they did just add a new flavor to the mix– blue.

The blue is Berry, which may taste familiar to those of you who’ve had Sour Patch Kids Berries before. In fact, it was probably the best one from that bag, and Sour Patch smartly relocated it to this one, just to spice things up. I think it was a good decision as it adds to an already established brand. I do laugh that it’s a nondescript ‘berry’ flavor. Is it a combination of all the berries? Or is it the famous fake flavor ‘blue raspberry’? One day, I will do a scientific study or break into the factory to find out the answer, but for now I’m satisfied with it just how it is.

Sour Patch Kids Original

Here’s the Sour Patch Kids flavors Power Rankings:

  1. Red – Raspberry
  2. Green – Lime
  3. Blue – Berry
  4. Yellow – Lemon
  5. Orange – Orange

Honestly, I’ve usually just referred to them by their colors. I didn’t even know the red was raspberry until recently. If you’re like me at all, you probably eat them too fast to actually notice too; I don’t think I’m alone here. However, the beauty (yes, I said it) of Sour Patch Kids is that there isn’t just one flavor in the bag. You have a lot of them to choose from, and you will always be wanting more.

Addicting and delicious all in one, you can’t go wrong with Sour Patch Kids. They are gummy and not too sour. There tagline really is spot on: ‘First they’re sour, then they’re sweet’. So even if you don’t like sour, you only have to deal with it for a few seconds. After that, they’re almost like a good better gummy bear.

Ultimately, even the most bitter person will find some joy once they grab a handful. They really do make you feel like a Kid again.

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