Hi Chew Flavors Rank - Best HiChew Flavor

Hi-Chew Flavors: The Definitive Power Rankings

Considering that I’ve had thousands of Hi-Chews in my lifetime (I’m estimating here), I consider myself quite the expert of their many flavors. Ranking them can be like choosing between children, but if we are all being honest, some are just way better than others. With this guide, I attempt to find the king of Hi-Chew….

Peeps Oreo

Peeps Oreo – A New Easter Classic?

*Careful Peeps Oreo has been known to turn your tongue hot pink! Eat at your own risk.* Let’s be honest, no one really likes Peeps. I’m confident that no one on Earth would qualify it as their favorite candy. But if anyone could get people to like Peeps, it would be Oreo. Oreo is coming…

Sour Patch Kids Tropical

Sour Patch Kids Tropical [Review]

Sometimes you just know when something is going to be good. That’s certainly the case with Sour Patch Kids Tropical. However, what I didn’t realize is just how awesome they would be. Seriously, this is one of the best candies I have ever had. Sour Patch hasn’t exactly innovated recently. They’ve introduced new flavors but…

Tic Tac Orange - Nutrition Facts

Tic Tac Nutrition Facts – Beware!

Have you ever noticed the Tic Tac nutrition facts? It’s shocking – they have 0 fat, 0 carbs, 0 sugar. According to these numbers, Tic Tacs are just as good for you as water. How do they do it! They don’t – Tic Tac nutrition facts actually operate under a nice little trick! Let me explain:…