Best Easter Candy

What’s the Best Easter Candy? The Top 5 Ranked!

The Best Easter Candy

With Easter right around the corner, it’s important to remember that spring is the season of sweets. Easter candy starts packing the aisles around January, with many brands coming out special limited editions of their sweets. From cereal to chocolate, you can’t escape Easter candy!

But what’s the best one? I’ve made a list that ranks the top 5 best Easter candies of all time. Do you agree?

5. Peeps

Best Easter Candy - Peeps

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Coming in last are Peeps. While they seem to be universally hated, the chicken-shaped marshmallow candy has great staying power.

Mostly because it’s one of the ubiquitous Easter candies out there, and because they are pretty unique when you really think about it.

Peeps have been innovating lately too, partnering with Oreo to make a new monstrosity in their latest company collaboration. You keep doing you, Peeps.

4. Chocolate Bunnies

Best Easter Candy - Chocolate Bunny

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I suppose Easter is all about eating candy shaped like animals.

An Easter candy list couldn’t be complete without chocolate bunnies. Every chocolate brand produces on during the holiday, and most of them are intricate if hallowed out.

A bit sadistic when you think about it, eating chocolate-shaped bunny rabbits has been an Easter tradition almost as long as the actual Easter Bunny. Either way, you can’t get through the season without at least one of these, which is why it comes in at #4 on my list.

3. Reese’s Eggs

Best Easter Candy - Reese's Peanut Butter Egg

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Some would argue that the seasonal Reese’s Peanut Butter Egg is better than normal Reese’s. I don’t necessarily fall into that camp, but there’s definitely something awesome about the egg version.

It’s got the classic peanut and chocolate taste, with a cool twist! Plus, you don’t have to take it out of the paper cup. Just unwrap the individual egg and eat it!

2. Jelly Beans

Best Easter Candy - Jelly Beans

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When it comes to Easter candy, nothing is more universal than jelly beans. Pretty every candy company out there – from Starburst to the industry staple Brach’s – has a special jelly bean pack ready Easter for your consumption. It’s almost become a cliche at this point!

It’s a good candy to have on your desk during this time of year. And if you are cheap, they quickly jump to the sale rack after the holiday, so maybe that’s a good time to try them all!

But without jelly beans, Easter is not Easter – so it comes in at #2.

1. Cadbury Creme Egg

Best Easter Candy - Cadbury Creme Egg

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Only sold from January 1 to Easter Sunday, the Creme Egg – from the UK’s famous Cadbury brand – has become a frequently replicated but rarely recreated seasonal treat

The egg-shaped classic has everything going for it – it’s chocolate and absurdly sweet. Many find the sheer volume of creme in the middle to be overwhelming and disgusting.

You certainly can’t eat a whole dozen at once, but nothing says Easter quite like a Cadbury Creme Egg! You always hope to find some of these hidden inside your Easter basket – which is why it’s the #1 Easter candy!