Best Movie Theater Candy

What’s the Best Movie Theater Candy? My Top 10!

The Best Candy To Have At The Movies!

Movies and candy go together better than peanut butter and chocolate – I’m looking at you Reese’s!

Nothing is better than grabbing a popcorn, and a box of candy from the concessions. You head into the movie, and the candy is gone by the time the previews hit. The popcorn usually runs out right after the previews.

When we go to the movies, we eat. But what candy do you want to be eating? That is the controversial question that film fans and candy fans have been debating for decades now.

In order to settle this argument (once and for all) I have broken down the top 5 movie candies by sweet and chocolate. My criteria are based only on two things:

  1. History of the Candy
  2. Taste

Feel free to argue amongst yourselves in the comments!


5. Skittles

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Skittles are an ideal movie candy for sweet-lovers. You have the fact that it’s in bag-form; these aren’t individually wrapped. You also have the fact that they are easily dispensed from the bag.

And it certainly doesn’t hurt that they are delicious.

The 5 flavors will keep you snacking throughout the movie, and unlike some other candies, there’s always a generous amount in the bag. A Skittles bag may miraculously last you the entire flick!

4. Sour Patch Kids

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The new “kid” on the block, Sour Patch Kids have made quite the run as a movie candy in recent years.

Though, we can all see why. Sour Patch Kids are delicious and most importantly a quiet candy to eat. They are gummy and you don’t need to chomp on them. The people next to you during the movie will thank you for choosing them.

3. Swedish Fish

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A classic gummy candy makes it almost impossible for Swedish Fish to miss the list.

A powerfully addicting candy, you will have to pace yourself if you want for them to make it far into the movie. That being said, it’s well-worth to enjoy Swedish Fish with a great comedy!

2. Good And Plenty

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Say what you will about Good And Plenty, it is most certainly a movie staple.

There’s a lot of them in the box, and they taste amazing when fresh. They go best with long dramas, but you can enjoy them with almost any genre – that’s how good they are.

And licorice lovers have no problem choosing this as perhaps the best movie snack of all time. For me though, they just miss out on #1

1. Red Vines

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That’s because Red Vines are my best sweet movie candy. The choice was obvious. You may notice that I’m specifically ranking Red Vines #1 and leaving Twizzlers off the list completely. This is no mistake.

Red Vines just taste better in a theater. They come in that sleeve of licorice and you eat them with relatively no noise. You can just see the licorice hanging out of your mouth during a fight scene of your favorite action movie.

They are by far the best sweet movie candy.


5. Reese’s Pieces

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Not many candies are famous from movies, but Reese’s Pieces are.

We all know that I’m talking about Steven Speilberg’s classic film, E.T. The Extraterrestrial, where an alien comes to Earth and discovers the joy of Reese’s Pieces (OK, so that’s not exactly the plot).

What’s funny is that they are great movie candy too. Just like Skittles, they are easy to eat when your eyes are glued to the big screen. Not only that, but there’s some movie history behind them!

4. Raisinets

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Raisinets only make the list because of their long history of being a movie-theater snack.

Chocolate covered raisins may not sound the best on paper, but something about them in a dark room makes them irresistible. When you see a movie, you sometimes just get the craving for them, and you can’t explain why.

That’s what makes Raisinets such a staple.

3. Buncha Crunch

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For what it’s worth, I think that Buncha Crunch should ONLY be consumed at the movies.

I would say there was a brief period in fact where they were only sold there!

Either way, it’s a super unique candy that goes perfectly at the theater. They tend to make some noise in the box, but they are downright delicious and also very shareable.

Good luck keeping these to yourselves when they hear the rattle of Buncha Crunch in the box!

2. M&M’s

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Any candy list would be bad if it didn’t include M&Ms. The candy that started it all, M&Ms and a giant coca-cola go better with a movie than popcorn itself!

Pour them into your hand or right into your mouth. There’s no wrong way to eat M&Ms when watching a movie!

1. Junior Mints

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Coming in at number one is debatably the best movie candy of all time – Junior Mints.

Minty, satisfying, and the perfect movie size, Junior Mints have been enjoyed by everyone in a theater at one time or another.

It’s a candy that tastes good at home, but even better when you are watching something on the big screen. It was so famous that they even airdropped them at the Oscars one year. You just don’t get more Hollywood and classic than that!

That’s what (for me) makes Junior Mints the best movie theater candy of all time.