Which Candy Brand Has The Best Gummy Bears?

Which Candy Brand Has The Best Gummy Bears?

The Top 5 Gummy Bears in the World!

Gummy bears are probably my favorite type of candy. And I realize ranking them all may be controversial, as we all have a personal preference. Do you like the the chewier ones or the softer gummy bears?

Either way, here I go:

5. Black Forest Gummy Bears

Black Forest Organic Gummy Bears

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A gummy bear with good ingredients is hard to come by – especially if you want them to taste good. Luckily for us, we have Black Forest Gummy Bears.

While not the best ones ever, you can’t help but eat those mini bags at your work (admit it). They are made with real fruit juice with colors and flavors from natural sources.

All natural and delicious? I’ll take 500 please.


4. Surf Sweets Gummy Bears

Surf Sweets Gummy Bears

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That being said, Iif you are looking for an organic gummy bear, then you can’t do much better than Surf Sweets version. They are pretty standard all things considered, but they are made with all natural ingredients. That helps them be a little more “guilt-free”!

They’re more mild, but also fruity. Track them down at your local health food store if you haven’t had them before!

3. Bissinger’s Gummy Pandas

Bissinger's Gummy Pandas - Lemon Ginger Yuzu

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Well, a panda is technically a bear. That qualifies Bissinger’s Gummy Pandas to be a gummy bear. And what good ones they are!

With unique flavors like Lemon Ginger, Grapefruit, and (the most popular) RASPBERRY, you have to get your hands on them for uniqueness alone!

2. Albanese Gummi Bears

Albanese Gummi Bears

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Speaking of unique flavors, no one does that better than Albanese Their famous 12-flavor gummi bears come in all colors of the rainbow and taste that way too!

There’s a flavor for everyone, which is why they are probably one the best gummy bears around. That being said…

1. Haribo Gold Bears

Haribo Gold Bears

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You gotta give it up to the OG. Not only did Haribo start the gummy bear craze, they also invented the damn things!

Gold Bears are the (gold) standard for gummy bears around the world for good reason. They have great consistency and even better flavor.

There’s LOTS of different gummy bear brands around nowadays, but no one does it quite like Haribo!

Honorable Mentions:

Yummy Earth Organic Gummy Bears

What’s your favorite? Be sure to leave your opinion in the comments below!