Hi Chew Flavors Rank - Best HiChew Flavor

Hi-Chew Flavors: The Definitive Power Rankings

Considering that I’ve had thousands of Hi-Chews in my lifetime (I’m estimating here), I consider myself quite the expert of their many flavors. Ranking them can be like choosing between children, but if we are all being honest, some are just way better than others.

With this guide, I attempt to find the king of Hi-Chew. So without further ado, here are my rankings…

A list of all the Hi-Chew Flavors ranked from worst to best:

12. Chocolate



11. Cherry

Too syrupy and overpowering for my taste. As a single flavor pack, it’s too much. Hard pass.


10. Grape

Again, it kind of has that cough syrup vibe. I would say it’s less so than grape flavors of other candy, but this is not one I would actively seek out (if given the choice).


9. Melon

Coming in lower than you’d probably expect is Melon – this one just doesn’t really do it for me. Certainly a unique choice from Hi-Chew, these are honestly just as boring as the fruit itself. By the end of the Tropical pack, I’m usually left with nothing but melon. Pass.


8. Green Apple

Not much to say about Green Apple other than it’s exactly what you would expect. Not super sour, but not super flavorful, it lands in the middle of the pack without much distinction.


T6. Lime

T6. Lemon

It’s hard to rank one of these over the other. In an effective “tie”, Lemon and Lime give a strong showing mainly based on their sourness.


5. Strawberry

Can’t go wrong with Strawberry. A safe pick if you aren’t a Hi-Chew risk-taker.


4. Peach

Fans of peach flavor will find these Hi-Chews to be packed with that amazing taste. They have the essence of peach nailed here, which is why they are able to crack the top 5.


3. Banana

While I’m not the biggest fan of banana flavors in general, this one is definitely good enough to be one of my favorite Hi-Chews. With the island / tropical feel, banana is hard to find but definitely worth the buy.


2. Mango

Of all the Hi-Chew flavors, Mango is likely the most sought after, and for good reason! Try eating these alone, as you won’t want to share, and everyone will want one. Mango is a classic and was the best for a long time. Until recently…


1. Grapefruit

Clearly the standout from the Sour Hi-Chew flavors, Grapefruit beats the juggernaut that is Mango (for me). Both a unique flavor choice and packed with flavor, Grapefruit dethrones Mango to be the best Hi-Chew flavor on the market right now. Congrats to Grapefruit for the big upset.


Unranked Flavors (because I haven’t tried them yet):

  • Kiwi
  • Orange Soda
  • Cola

What do you think of my list? Feel free to leave your #1 choice in the comments!

Vegan Candy – A List of the Best Ones Out There!

For vegans, being a sweet tooth can be difficult.

Finding vegan candy can be tough.

For one, gelatin is a common ingredient in most of your favorite candy. It gives that chewy, shiny quality to most gummy bears you see, for example.

However, did you know that gelatin is an animal product? Yes, it’s actually made from pigskin, cow hyde, and even some animal bones. While that certainly doesn’t sound appetizing, it has become a main staple of most candies that you know and love.

With chocolate too, most candy bars contain milk. So when vegans want chocolate, they have to stick to the dark stuff, which often times can still have traces of animal products.

Luckily, vegan candy is out there! There’s some awesome gummy and chocolate candy  that are free of animal products.

Here is a list of the best vegan candies that I know of:

Sour Patch Kids & Sour Patch Watermelon

Sour Patch Kids vegan candy
Eating kids is vegan? Sounds weird…

While eating “kids” doesn’t sound like it would be vegan, Sour Patch’s products all do not contain gelatin, which makes them free from animal products and vegan-friendly!

Already one of the best candies out there, there shouldn’t be any excuses left for someone not to have tried these!

Unreal Candy

Unreal Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups
Unreal Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups – No GMOs, Fair Trade Candy!

For our chocolate lovers, vegan candy bars can be hard to find. Luckily there are plenty of dark chocolate candies out there that do not contain animal products; the best (in my opinion) being Unreal Candy.

They have dark chocolate peanut butter cups, dark chocolate coconut peanut butter cups, and dark chocolate almond butter cups all of which are made with no GMOs and fair trade products. Each dark chocolate product they have is 100% vegan. but they don’t yet have official vegan certification. Apparently there’s “the potential for cross-contamination with dairy products on our production machinery” according to their website – just something to keep in mind.

Panda Licorice

Panda Black Licorice
Vegan friendly – Simple ingredients and no animal products!

If you are into licorice, Panda is definitely the choice for you. Available in both raspberry and original (black) flavors, the ingredients are simple and of course vegan. Non-GMO, no gelatin, no preservatives, no artificial flavors or colors – this candy is certainly a guilt-free one!

Swedish Fish

Swedish Fish
Swedish Fish are vegan? Go figure…

Yes, I know that fish is not vegan – I believe they call those pescatarians. That being said, Swedish Fish is an all time classic candy and has been doing it without gelatin since the 1950s. They recently gave their branding a new look, so maybe it’s time you tried this delicious vegan treat again!

* Any other good vegan candy out there? Leave them in the comments, so I can try them!

A Traveler’s Guide to the Candy of Costa Rica

The candy I found while traveling around Costa Rica

When discovering any new place or culture, I find it important to look into what kind of candy they eat too. Whether you like sweets or not, it’s a small glimpse into what a given country is really like. Recently I went to Costa Rica and discovered what the Ticos eat when it comes to sweets. Here is what I found:

Costa Rican Chocolate

Costa Rica Candy - Chocolate Cacao

As you can imagine, chocolate is big in Costa Rica. Any “supermercado” you walk into is bound to have some of your standard American favorites. There are Snickers, M&Ms, Milky Way. Mars is an international company and you can find them just about anywhere, so this is far from surprising.

Also far from surprising is the presence of heavy cacao chocolate bars. However, the majority of the bars are produced by small, artisanal chocolate makers – not international candy conglomerates.  When in Costa Rica, give one a try! You might be able to stumble onto a chocolate tour like I did.

Not only does it help local cacao growers by exploring chocolate tourism like this, but often they are far better than your normal candy bar. The one I tried, for example, was a 70% cacao with pink salt! You pay quite a bit more, but it’s better for the Costa Rican economy and probably better for your health.

Costa Rican Fruit

Another thing that Costa Rica is famous for is their fruit. Ticos are big on pineapple, papaya, banana and plantain (at least what I can judge from the breakfast buffets). However, if their delicious fruit isn’t enough for you and there is more to be desired, I recommend Choco Frutas.

I found them at a supermercado in Tamarindo but quickly found that they are readily available around the rest of the country. The packaging is fantastic – I mean there is a sloth on every box!

Costa Rica Candy - Choco Frutas

They come in 3 flavors too (at least which the ones I found) – all of which are very Costa Rican:

  • Mango
  • Pineapple
  • Banana

The packaging is one of the coolest that I have ever seen. It even has Pura Vida and the flag on the side of the box – just in case the sloth wasn’t enough!Costa Rica Candy - Choco Frutas

The candy consists of a very small piece of fruit covered in chocolate. Think of a Raisinette, but covered in a more exotic fruit – it’s a great snack on the go as you explore the wonderful volcanos, rainforests and beaches of Costa Rica.

The conclusion:

When in Costa Rica, eat sweets! It’s amazing how health-focused and environmentally conscious Costa Rica is in general. It’s reflected in their lifestyle, food, and most importantly…candy!

You can find the same old sweets that you can find anywhere so why not try something new in Costa Rica. The country and their candy selection is something to experience.

Who Is The Biggest Sweet Tooth in All of Sports?

A ranking of the most famous athletes to ever have a sweet tooth. See? They are just like us!

1) Antonio Brown

Antonio Brown Skittles Sweet Tooth Review
Antonio Brown and his new Skittles vending machine!

Skittles has deemed Antonio Brown of the Pittsburgh Steelers to be the next Marshawn Lynch. They gave him a huge Skittles vending machine in his house, making him the newest and best sweet tooth in the NFL. I am sure we will have a TV spot on the way.

It’s hard to follow Beastmode’s love of the rainbow candy, but if anyone can do it, surely AB can. He’s already proved himself to be one of the most electric and charismatic players on the field. Maybe the Skittles off the field have been helping him with all of that.

2) Marshawn Lynch

Beastmode Marshawn Lynch Skittles Sweet Tooth Review
Marshawn Lynch AKA ‘Skittles’

Marshawn Lych (aka ‘Beastmode’) also had the unofficial nickname of ‘Skittles’ in his time with the Seattle Seahawks. They would throw them on the field when he scored because of the man’s very famous sweet tooth.

And retirement hasn’t stopped him from consuming the sugary stuff. He is now such a legend in the confectionary world that he has his own line of candy bars from It’Sugar.

His spot in the limelight on the football field may be over, he is still as relevant as ever in the hearts of candy addicts across the world.

3) James Harden

Trolli Weird Beards Sweet Tooth Review
Trolli Weird Beards is James Harden’s own candy

James Harden is known for a lot more than his beard. The Houston Rocket recently professed himself a candy junkie with a collaboration with Trolli. The creation the “Weird Beards” are the first time I can think where an athlete has had his own line of candy, which makes him an innovator and certified sweet tooth!

4) Derrick Rose

Derrick Rose Skittles Sweet Tooth Review
Skittles strikes again with the vending machine.

NBA MVP (and new New York Knick) Derrick Rose is known for many things – but being a recovering candy addict is not usually one of them.

“I’ll be having binges where I’ll just eat tons and tons of candy,” Rose said in 2010. “I could go without eating candy for like two weeks, but right when I [have] the first taste of candy in a day, I’ll go through like two pounds of candy. For real, like two pounds.” You and me both, Derrick!

Oh, Skittles gave him a machine of his own too. It seems like they do that a lot…

5) Dwight Howard

Dwight Howard Sweet Tooth Review
Dwight Howard sure does love sugar. Just look at that smile!

One of nutritionist famously said that Dwight Howard was consuming the equivalant of 24 candy bars a day in his time as a Los Angeles Laker. Since then, Howard has gotten back in shape, and has stopped (or at least cut down) his sugar consumption. However he still ranks among one of the biggest sweet tooth’s ever on volume alone. You know sugar is a problem when your doctor has to intervene!