Top 13 Candy That Starts With I

Candy that starts with I is yet another part of our candy list blogs, where we share names of candy you might have never heard of!

Sometimes finding the candies with a specific alphabet gets tricky. Over time, “I” haven’t been a popular alphabet to name candies, and most candy that starts with I is named for mint candies that provide an icy flavor.

Still, some popular and some unpopular candy brands start with I. We did in-depth research to find all candy names. If you are a candy lover struggling to find those unique candies to add to your list, this article will help you with all the necessary details.

We have briefly described each candy type, so you don’t have to run around to find details. Just read till the end and get the best information.

Why is only fewer candy that starts with the letter I?

We researched but failed to find any specific reason behind it. Maybe I is not the favorite alphabet when naming candies, or people might get out of ideas. Only a handful of candy starts with I; some popular ones include Ice breakers, Ice cubes, Ices, etc.

There are some unpopular brands, and we have covered them in this article. It’s going to be easy to remember all these names for you.

Is there only icy candy that starts with I?

Yes, mostly icy and mint flavor candy starts with I. When people find a name is working for other companies, they imitate it and make a similar name. Maybe it’s the reason behind similar-looking names for many candies.

But there are other reasons as well. You may never have heard about some of the candies in this list, so it will be very informative. Let’s quickly start to explore the candies without wasting much time.

1. Imli candy

If you are reading this from India, you must have heard about the Imli candy; it’s common in the country. No particular brand dominates in selling this candy, but various unknown brands sell them, and you can easily find these candies in any retail store.

In English, Imli is referred to as tamarind. It tastes sweet-sour with a ton of tanginess in it. A lot of sugar is mixed in preparing candies with Imli that give you a sweet taste with the tanginess of Imli.

Not only in India, but the candies are easily available worldwide. Just check in any online marketplace famous for selling candies. It’s surely worth trying if you like the sweet and sour flavors that instantly give you a fizzy effect in your mind.

 2. Icee

Icee is another candy that starts with I. Do you know that Icee was made accidentally? Because the malfunctioning soda machine gave a different flavor candy, the idea took off like anything. The Icee’s first product came out in 1958.

Candy That Starts With I

Initially, they used to sell slush- drinks at stadiums, movie theatres, and other public places. However, after the launch of a new product, the company became popular overnight and continues to dominate the market.

With time the brand expanded its business and introduced a new variety of drinks, slushes, freeze pops, and even toys. Now they provide several flavors to choose from, but the taste and flavor of Icee are just the same. If you’ve never tried an Icee, it’s time that you must try.

Image Credit: Flickr

3. IBC root beer barrels

Please don’t get confused with the name because the IBC root beer candies don’t contain beer, and they are completely non-alcoholic. These candies are best to consume when you are craving chocolates and don’t have the time to chew a big candy bar.

You can pop in one IBC candy and let the chocolate melt, leaving a creaminess inside your mouth. These candies are the best mood refreshers and come in an individual polythene pack that you can easily carry in your pockets. But make sure they don’t get too hot, or the chocolate will melt.

Suppose you are out of gifting options for any special occasion; try a big pack or IBC root barrels or use them as a decoration for a tasty cake. There are multiple uses, and their delicious taste has the power to make any event wonderful.

4. Icee squeeze candy

What if we ask you to eat toothpaste? Will you try? Icee squeeze candy is based on a similar concept. It’s a tube candy you need to squeeze out of the tube to lick and enjoy the sweet and minty flavor. It’s another product sold by the Icee candy company.

These candies are easily available online and come in two flavors: Cherry and Blue Raspberry. The colorful candy tubes are pretty popular among kids, who love squeezing the candy out to put into their mouth and enjoy the taste.

However, take some time to make your kid aware of the difference between toothpaste and ice candy. These candies tubes look like toothpaste, and your kid might accidentally eat toothpaste. It is very dangerous for health.

5. Idaho Spud Candy Bar

It’s another famous candy that starts with I. The first Idaho Spud Candy Bar launched in 1918, more than 100 years ago. Since then, the company has been maintaining their market. They have many super fans who eat just Idaho candy and none other.

The reason behind its popularity is its unique taste and texture. The candy comes in the shape of a spud, and inside, it contains the crunchy white layers of spud that enhance the taste, and people love to chew it.

The candy’s center is made with marshmallows and gives that chewy effect. The outermost layer is coated with chocolate with some added coconut flakes.

It’s a unique candy with fantastic combinations that is difficult to find elsewhere. The candy is not easily available outside the US, and you might sometimes face difficulties getting it in the United States. The company is very selective about where they sell their product and is always out of stock.

6. Ice breakers

Ice breakers are a popular candy that starts with I. Initially, it was sold as a line of mints that included chewing gum, mint candies etc. However, their popularity grew when Hershey’s took over the company from Nabisco in 1990 and launched various other products in the brand.

With complete ownership, Hershey’s launched other flavors, including breath mints, cube gum, peppermint chews, etc. However, the original ice breaker chewing gum is still in trend, and people love it more than any other additions the company made later.

Recently, in 2018 Hershey’s launched their latest product called Ice breakers with glitter-sprinkled gum filled with liquid, and it was an instant hit. Maybe, Hershey’s will launch new flavors in the future, but the concept and craze for ice breakers will be the same.

Candy That Starts With I
Image Credit: Flickr

7. Ice caps

Ice caps are another candy that starts with I and is unique. It’s sold by Peter’s chocolate company and provides several flavors. Some of the most sold flavors include white chocolate and dark chocolate.

These are hard shell candies you pop in your mouth to get the minty cool experience with the taste of your favorite chocolate. You can purchase them in bulk packaging, but they are not individually packed and not easy to carry.

This icy candy is the best option if you are having a heavy day and want to cool your mind. It gives you a taste of chocolate with the minty flavor that soothes your mind and makes you feel better.

8. Ice cubes

Ice cubes have been around for more than 70 years, and people love the concept that matches icy flavors with chocolate. Similar to Ice caps, these candies also provide a minty experience.

They come in small chocolate cubes that immediately melt in your mouth, leaving a creamy-cool experience. It almost gives you the experience of putting an ice cube on your tongue. That’s why they are called ice cubes.

Some people think halls and other minty candies are ice cubes, and it’s also true up to an extent because those candies also provide a similar experience.

There is no specific brand that’s famous for selling ice cubes. Instead, you can find them being sold loose in retail stores where each candy tastes different from the other.

9. Intense oranges

Intense oranges is a dark chocolate candy that starts with I. It includes the slightly bitter taste of dark chocolate with the little mixed flavor of oranges. It comes in fancy packaging, and it is hard to forget the smell. If you love dark chocolate, then intense oranges are a must-try.

They don’t have smaller packings. Instead, it comes as a big candy bar that is difficult to eat at once. However, it’s easily available in most countries but hard to find in nearby retail stores. We will recommend you to search them online.

Candy That Starts With I
Image Credit: Flickr

10. Ivory Mountain

If you like the idea of white chocolate filled inside the dark chocolate, you would love eating the ivory mountain candy that starts with I. It’s a chocolate bar sold by various companies where Cadbury and Amul are the most famous.

Some say it brings back childhood memories, and you can eat white and dark chocolate at one price. It’s a fantastic concept that never got much traction because most people didn’t like the taste.

Companies tried to launch unique candy bars with dark chocolate on one end and white on the other, but it never worked. Even Cadbury was in the news promoting this candy bar as a “racism solver.”

It’s not so popular, but you can easily find it online. If you feel like experimenting with your chocolate experience, then it’s surely worth trying.

11. Imps

Imps is another candy that starts with I and licorice candy that tastes sweet, bitter, salty, and sour. It comes in an old-school box packaging that contains multiple bit sizes Imps candies that include the taste of methanol and licorice. Also, it leaves you with a minty experience with multiple tastes.

You can find them in two flavors that come with and without methanol. Most people love the Imps candy with black licorice, while others prefer it with methanol. However, it’s not very popular these days and is difficult to find.

Don’t miss it. If you ever get a chance to try Imps candy, you may never find it again. Also, if you ask us about the taste, we recommend you try the combined flavor with methanol. It tastes much better!

12. Imli Goli

Imli goli is similar to imli candy, which contains almost the same ingredients. However, the special mix used in goli makes them a good remedy to cure gastric problems. Most people in India consume imli goli as a digestive candy that helps solve some stomach-related issues.

However, we cannot deny that these candies contain a lot of sugar that minimizes the bitterness of tamarin used to prepare these candies. They are easily available in India and overseas, but you cannot find a specific brand that promotes them. Instead, purchase them locally in bulk.

The sweet-tangy taste will refresh your mood, while the digestive capabilities will keep your stomach healthy. Don’t eat these candies if you are on a strict diet!

13. Iris Candy

It isn’t easy to find iris candy, but it was most popular in France. This candy is prepared using milk caramel that gives it a chewy texture and comes in a bar form. You may not find the original candy, but the alternatives are still available in the market.

If you like the sweet taste of caramel that enhances every time you chew it, you will surely love eating Iris candy. It’s easy to find in European countries but not in the rest of the world.

Final thoughts

Here we end this list of candy beginning with I. Most of this list are minty candies that leave an icy flavor in your mouth. But you can also find dark chocolates, white chocolates, and other sweet and sour flavors.

We have tried to find the best selections for you; still, if you think we missed some of the best candies, please let us know in the comments. Also, we would love to hear your experience with the article, hope you got to learn about some new candies.