Top 27 Best Candy That Starts With E

Top 27 Best Candy That Starts With E

Candies are an indispensable part of our childhood and are still exceptional for kids and many adults. Some candies taste sour, some sweet, while others have salty, chocolaty, or creamy flavors. The memories we make with candies stay with us forever. Let us find out 27 names of candy that starts with e. You will know which ones you have tried and the ones yet to try!

You might have forgotten some great names that you have tasted in childhood. We will make you remember those candies, and we are sure you would love to taste them again. Letís start our tasty journey of candies that is full of sweetness.

Candy that starts with e

Here are the top candy that starts with the letter e:

1. Eggs Cadbury

Itís a special candy created by Hersheyís that looks like an egg but tastes almost like Cadbury. This candy comes in individual packing of eggs in various colors, including yellow, purple, pink, and blue.

The outer shell of eggs Cadbury is made with thick chocolate, while the inner is filled with yellow cream that gives you the feeling of eating a real egg. The demand for these candies skyrockets yearly during Easter and New Yearís Eve in the United Kingdom.

2. Extra Mints

It tastes like its name. Extra mints are like mouth freshener that leaves a minty, sweet flavor in your mouth. The main ingredient of the candy includes peppermint, methanol, and some natural sweetener.

You donít need a special occasion to consume it. Try it after lunch, and drink water after finishing it if you want to feel an excellent effect inside your body.

3. Extra Chewing Gum

Who doesnít like to chew gum on a dull day? Itís made of resins, polymers, and plasticizers that you cannot consume but can chew to feel the sweetness. It also includes unique fruity flavors that leave a lasting fragrance in your mouth and how we can forget to blow a bubble using chewing gum.

However, chewing gums are bad for the environment and contain excessive sugary flavors that can deteriorate your health if consumed in huge quantities.

4. Edible Cigarettes

Do you know you can eat cigarettes? These candies that start with e include a chalky bubble-gum flavor that you can chew the entire cigarette away.

Some edible cigarettes also have a sugary powder inside to give them a smoky effect. However, itís banned in some countries because governments fear it can create a smoking habit in children.

5. Elephant Gummies

The market for gummy bears is still thriving; everyone loves them. Elephant gummies are similar to them and leave that stickiness in your mouth.

These gummies come in blueberry, lemon, green apple, and orange flavors. Each one of them carries its uniqueness and mainly attracts children. You may find that some adults love gummies too, but itís rare.

6. Eclairs

Eclairs is one of the most famous types of candy worldwide. It includes a chewy outer covering of chocolate with liquid chocolate filled inside. Please keep it in your mouth for a few minutes to enjoy the chocolate flavor, then chew it and let the liquid chocolate dissolve with saliva. It gives you a long-lasting creamy flavor.

Top 27 Best Candy That Starts With E
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7. Easter Milk Chocolate

This candy that starts with e with e looks like an egg. Unlike eggs, Cadbury itís a mixture of peanut butter and chocolate that is shaped into an egg and wrapped in colorful foils individually.

The demand for these candies also shoots during Easter, Christmas, and New year. It comes in multiple flavors, including chocolate, milk chocolate, non-fat milk, peanut, etc.

8. Easter Bunny Chocolate

Easter bunny chocolates are specially designed for Easter. You can find them mainly in Germany. The candy looks like an easter bunny you can eat to have a sweet taste in your mouth. Usually, you wonít find them because these candies are specially designed for occasions, mainly easter. They are worth tasting!

9. Energy Bars

Whether an adult or a child, their energy bars are for everyone. It can supplement your high-energy meal requirement and includes cereals to provide health benefits and make you feel energetic. These candies are most popular in the United States.

The energy bars come in various flavors that directly focus on nutritional elements like glucose, fructose, and maltodextrin. Try to supplement your diet with an energy bar on busy days to get all nutrients in one shot.

10 Eyeball Gummy

Eyeball gummies look like an eyeball that you can eat. These are unique candies filled with marshmallows; children love this concept because of the fantastic eyeball design.

First, they play with it, and they eat. Even you can try it if you are looking for a fun weekend experiment. They donít come in individual packing. Instead, you will find packed together in one big pack.

11. Extra

One like Extra is all you need to add to the list of candy that starts with an e! Well, it is a bubble-gum brand that was pretty famous during the 90s. These bubble gums come in a minty flavor that leaves an excellent effect and fragrance in your mouth.

The company promotes it as an essential thing for oral health, and thatís why people of all ages love to consume them. However, the company is very selective about the flavors, and you wonít find all tastes in every country.

12. Electric Eel Candy

The name itself sounds energetic, and the candy serves the same purpose. Itís green apple-flavored candy that is pretty famous in Japan. It electrifies your mouth every time you consume it. It comes in the sticks and is a serious thing in Japan.

13. Eclipse

Eclipse is another famous addition to the list of Candies that start with e. Itís a chewing gum that also comes in a minty flavor and various other flavors. The candy was launched in 1999, but in 2007, the American dental association approved it as a good candy for oral health, skyrocketed its demand, and became famous worldwide. People chew eclipse for a fresh breath and to gain a natural mouth.

14. Every Flavour Beans

If you love surprises, you would love this bean candy. They are inspired by harry potter and come in excellent flavors. You get many beans like candy packed in a single box in multiple colors. You never know which one tastes good and which one is yucky. Itís fun to try with friends, and they include some disgusting flavors like vomit, earwax, and soap, while some sweetest flavors include cherry, blueberry, and cinnamon.

15. Everlasting Gobstopper

Everlasting Gobstopper is not endless but leaves a strong flavor in your mouth for a limited time. These are small ball-shaped candies you can pop in your mouth to enjoy. Whatís better? Pop many of them to enjoy multiple flavors at once. They are a big pack you can carry in your pocket to get a sweet and tasty taste anytime you want.

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16. e-ma

e-ma is a famous candy-producing company in Japan that sells small egg-shaped candies that are hard on the outside but has a creamy texture on the inside. These candies start with e and come in various flavors like sludging apple, mango, peach, and orange. Their candies look white but have a different taste inside. Itís hard to judge the candyís flavor by watching, leaving engaging suspense for you to enjoy.

17. Eiffel chewy bonbon

Candies that start with the letter e include Eiffel candy that comes with a non-crunchy shell and is filled with a sour and sweet flavor. Currently, you can find them in pure strawberry and apple flavor that comes in different colors and multiple candies packed in a single package.

Keep these candies in your mouth for an enhanced taste, or chew them to fill your mouth with strawberry or apple flavor; itís a great experience.

18. Eddy Edibles

Eddy edibles are CBD candies with various flavors like sour pina colada, grape, peach, hot cinnamon, and more. These candiesí sweet and sour taste makes them famous and includes some of the highest quality selections.

19. Eggnog Fudge

This candy tastes like the name. Itís made of milk and holds the potential to leave your mouth milky at any given time. Just keep that candy in your mouth for some time and let it mix with the saliva; slowly, you will find that your mouth is becoming milky, and even you can feel the thickness of milk inside. Itís suitable for people who love milk products.

20. Eggnog Truffles

These truffles are delicious ball candy served after dipping into the melted chocolate so you can enjoy both flavors of the truffle and chocolate in your mouth. These candies that start with e are made with cheese, rum, nutmeg, and powdered sugar. If you are a white chocolate lover, this candy is worth tasting. You will fall in love with the sweetest taste.

21. Edible Paper

These days candies have gone too far in innovation and trying something unique. However, these candies are not for direct consumption; instead, they are used as a decoration for edible cake toppers and to decorate other food items. Companies do experiments with these paper candies; sometimes, you can see beautiful images printed on them, or sometimes they include edible colors. There is no limit to imagination.

22. El Bubble

If sticky candies are your love, then you must have heard about EL bubble candy. It is a gummy candy that looks like bubble gum that slowly dissolves in your mouth as you chew, leaving a sweet and minty taste. They come in small bubble-like shapes, including flavors like orange, strawberry, banana, apple, and grapes. People mostly prefer the blue and pink color of these candies, and you can eat many of them together to have a fantastic experience of mixed flavors in your mouth.

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23. Easter Peeps

Similar to easter eggs, these candies are specially developed for the occasion of Easter. They come in various shapes, including chicks, bunnies, and other animals. These candies that start with an e are primarily sweet to have a fantastic and creamy experience on easter. Moreover, you can find them in various other shapes based on the occasion.

24. Esspapier

Itís another type of crunchy candy with various exciting flavors like wild berries, apple, tutti-frutti, etc. These are the best candies to try if you love filling your mouth with sour, sweet, and salty flavors. Itís a crunchy edible paper that can also be used to decorate sweet food items.

25. Egg Haribo

Another type of egg candy on this list of candy that starts with e. Itís different from all the egg candies we mentioned earlier and looks like a fried egg with a yellow gummy part at the center that forms the York. This candy doesnít come in various fancy packing like all other egg candies; instead, it comes in a single light blue color packet.

Egg Haribo
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26. Emerald nuts

We cannot leave the nutty chocolates behind when discussing the candies that start with e. Emerald nuts come in two flavors: cocoa roast almonds and dry roast almonds. You can find each chocolate packed in an individual packing which you can peel and consume directly. The actual chocolate is big enough to take care of eating requirements and might fill your stomach with sweetness and health.

27. Emily’s Chocolate

Emilyís chocolates are like fortune cookies that come with a message filled inside them. They are open chocolates that come in a box best to git for special occasions like Valentineís Day, birthday, or any other. They donít have a variety of flavors, just the chocolate and you. These soft chocolates will immediately melt in your mouth and leave you with creaminess.

Final thoughts

These are some famous candies that start with e. People are very innovative in candies; you can find them in mixed flavors, paper candies, sour and sweet candies, bubble gums, mint flavors, and so on.

These candies have made all our childhood memories and continue to leave their fragrance and delicious taste. By the way, what are your favorite candies that start with e?