Who Is The Biggest Sweet Tooth in All of Sports?

A ranking of the most famous athletes to ever have a sweet tooth. See? They are just like us!

1) Antonio Brown

Antonio Brown Skittles Sweet Tooth Review
Antonio Brown and his new Skittles vending machine!

Skittles has deemed Antonio Brown of the Pittsburgh Steelers to be the next Marshawn Lynch. They gave him a huge Skittles vending machine in his house, making him the newest and best sweet tooth in the NFL. I am sure we will have a TV spot on the way.

It’s hard to follow Beastmode’s love of the rainbow candy, but if anyone can do it, surely AB can. He’s already proved himself to be one of the most electric and charismatic players on the field. Maybe the Skittles off the field have been helping him with all of that.

2) Marshawn Lynch

Beastmode Marshawn Lynch Skittles Sweet Tooth Review
Marshawn Lynch AKA ‘Skittles’

Marshawn Lych (aka ‘Beastmode’) also had the unofficial nickname of ‘Skittles’ in his time with the Seattle Seahawks. They would throw them on the field when he scored because of the man’s very famous sweet tooth.

And retirement hasn’t stopped him from consuming the sugary stuff. He is now such a legend in the confectionary world that he has his own line of candy bars from It’Sugar.

His spot in the limelight on the football field may be over, he is still as relevant as ever in the hearts of candy addicts across the world.

3) James Harden

Trolli Weird Beards Sweet Tooth Review
Trolli Weird Beards is James Harden’s own candy

James Harden is known for a lot more than his beard. The Houston Rocket recently professed himself a candy junkie with a collaboration with Trolli. The creation the “Weird Beards” are the first time I can think where an athlete has had his own line of candy, which makes him an innovator and certified sweet tooth!

4) Derrick Rose

Derrick Rose Skittles Sweet Tooth Review
Skittles strikes again with the vending machine.

NBA MVP (and new New York Knick) Derrick Rose is known for many things – but being a recovering candy addict is not usually one of them.

“I’ll be having binges where I’ll just eat tons and tons of candy,” Rose said in 2010. “I could go without eating candy for like two weeks, but right when I [have] the first taste of candy in a day, I’ll go through like two pounds of candy. For real, like two pounds.” You and me both, Derrick!

Oh, Skittles gave him a machine of his own too. It seems like they do that a lot…

5) Dwight Howard

Dwight Howard Sweet Tooth Review
Dwight Howard sure does love sugar. Just look at that smile!

One of nutritionist famously said that Dwight Howard was consuming the equivalant of 24 candy bars a day in his time as a Los Angeles Laker. Since then, Howard has gotten back in shape, and has stopped (or at least cut down) his sugar consumption. However he still ranks among one of the biggest sweet tooth’s ever on volume alone. You know sugar is a problem when your doctor has to intervene!