Best Sour Patch Flavors

What’s The Best Sour Patch Flavor?

A List of the Best Sour Patch Flavors

Could I live without Sour Patch products? Probably. But would I want to? Probably not. Over my last twenty-something years on Earth, they’ve quickly become one of my favorite candy brands out there.

Choosing my favorite flavors of Sour Patch is kind of like choosing between your favorite children. Alas, I’m a content creator and this is what people are asking for.

A quick refresher:

Sour Patch Kids flavors:

  • Red – Raspberry
  • Green – Lime
  • Blue – Berry
  • Yellow – Lemon
  • Orange – Orange

Sour Patch Kids Extreme flavors:

  • Blue – Sour Blue Raspberry
  • Pink – Sour Strawberry
  • Green – Sour Green Apple
  • Orange – Sour Orange

Sour Patch Kids Tropical flavors:

  • White – Pineapple
  • Purple – Passion Fruit
  • Pink – Paradise Punch
  • Orange – Tropical Twist

Sour Patch Kids Berries flavors:

  • Blue – Blue Raspberry
  • Purple – Grape
  • Red – Cherry
  • Pink – Strawberry

Sour Patch Kids Fire flavors:

  • Red – Tropical Flame
  • Purple – Berry Blaze
  • Green – Apple Fever
  • Pink – Angry Watermelon

And now…

For the list you’ve all been waiting for.

What’s the best Sour Patch flavor there is…

Below, I’ve attempted to rank the best according to my tastebuds.

#5 – Watermelon from Sour Patch Watermelon

Sour Patch Watermelon

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A favorite for some, I honestly have never loved Sour Patch Watermelon like some. That being said, you gotta respect the classics.

I’ve admitedly eaten more than my fair share of these. They are addicting and certainly delicious. And how can you beat a candy that’s shaped like the fruit itself. I’m a sucker for that – it makes me feel like I’m healthy.

#4 – Raspberry from Sour Patch Kids (Original)

Sour Patch Kids

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You gotta give it up for the OG’s. Without the red raspberry flavor in the original Sour Patch Kids, I probably wouldn’t even be making this list right now. It’s the one that started it all.

And that’s because it’s delicious and really set a high standard for all sour candies that followed it!

#3 – Pineapple from Sour Patch Kids Tropical


Sour Patch Kids Tropical
These are so amazing.

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I love Sour Patch Kids Tropical more than most, I guess. Their flavors are all awesome, but no more so than the pineapple one.

Like white gummy bears? These are like those on steroids and covered in sugar. One of my favorites, no doubt.

#2 – Sour Apple from Sour Patch Kids Extreme

Sour Patch Kids Extreme Flavors

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On the flip side, I didn’t love Sour Patch Extreme all that much. However, they had one standout flavor that blew me away – sour green apple.

Both tart and sour, it captured what every good green apple flavor should be – I’m looking at you Skittles!

Not the easiest pack to find anymore (as the other flavors weren’t that inspiring), but it’s worth finding for this flavor alone!

#1 – Blue Raspberry from Sour Patch Kids Berries

Sour Patch Kids Berries - Blue Raspberry Flavor

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Talk about a cult following! Sour Patch Blue Raspberry are hard to find, but certainly worth tracking down. They have a sort of religious following.

It’s unclear (to me at least) if they are different than the blue flavor in Sour Patch Berries. Regardless, these are amazing and illict emotions that not many candies do. That is why they’re the BEST sour patch flavor.