Sour Patch Kids Fire - Review

Sour Patch Kids Fire: Bringing the Heat? [Review]

Sour Patch Kids Fire
Found at Target!

Sour Patch Kids Fire – Review

If you are reading this, you are probably a fan of spicy candy. I never really have been, but I have been a fan of Sour Patch Kids forever. I have given them some of the highest possible ratings on my site.

And to be honest, when I first heard about Sour Patch Kids FIre, I was skeptical. I assumed I wasn’t going to like them that much, as I have never really been a fan of Hot Tamales or any of your other famous spicy candy.

Sour Patch Kids Fire

Sour Patch Kids Fire flavors!

Then, I turned the bag over to check out the flavors and I was intrigued:

  • Tropical Flame
  • Berry Blaze
  • Apple Fever
  • Angry Watermelon

Pretty unique choices for Sour Patch Kids. It’s almost like a ‘greatest hits’ of Sour Patch, but with the added spiciness they promised.

The conclusion?

I opened the bag finally and began to eat each flavor one by one. It shocked me how un-spicy they were. To call these Sour Patch Kids “Fire” is kind of misleading honestly.

Though they are delicious flavors, they don’t really sell you with spiciness. You get a twinge of it in the aftertaste, but it’s mostly fruit-forward.

Angry Watermelon is a standout as it’s the hottest of the bunch and also the most delicious flavor. It’s a tad different from Sour Patch Watermelon taste somehow!

All of the flavors are good though, and it’s a good effort from Sour Patch, but they’ve really underperformed when it comes to the spiciness/fire. For me, they’re an OM.

What do you think of Sour Patch Kids Fire? Leave your opinions in the comments!