Sour Patch Kids Freeze - Review

Sour Patch Kids Freeze: Is The Sour Patch Ice Age Here?

Sour Patch Kids Freeze – Review

Sour Patch Kids Freeze

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First, there was fire, then there was freeze? Sour Patch Kids revealed their two newest flavors together.

They even did the promotion of them all together. I couldn’t go on Instagram without seeing both of them side by side.

Which made the fact that I couldn’t track down the Freeze ones anywhere just that much more frustrating.

Luckily, my local liquor store randomly came through. I got their final pack.

Enough complaining. How Were They?

I tried and reviewed the Fire version, and enjoyed them.

I’m not usually a fan of spicy candy, but because it was so subtle it ended up agreeing with my taste buds.

But in reality, I was just excited to try the Freeze versions.

I had heard they were all LEMONADE flavors, which just happens to be my favorite kind of flavors (see Lemonade Mike and Ikes)

And when I first opened the pack, I was even more excited.

These Sour Patch Kids look fantastic.

The color of them is almost neon. It’s bright, it’s vibrant, and it looks delicious


At first bite, it’s all very good tasting. Sour and sweet. The classic Sour Patch flavors really come through.

Then, the freeze hits…

Sour Patch Kids Freeze flavors…

It’s a little jarring at first. The menthol taste is not something you’re used to in a candy.

As I continued to power through them, I did find them mildly addicting. I guess that’s why some people smoke this way too.

And when I tried the pink flavor, I could see myself buying these again.

The flavors are as follows:

  • Pink – Strawberry Lemonade
  • Blue – Blue Raspberry Lemonade
  • Green – Cherry Lime Lemonade
  • Yellow – Lemonade

Sour Patch Kids Freeze - Lemonade Flavors

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The Strawberry Lemonade flavor is the clear standout, but regular Lemonade is also great.

Cherry Lemonade leaves a lot to be desired, and blue raspberry lemonade is a straight up letdown.

Maybe that’s why you don’t see blue raspberry lemonade around all that often?

The conclusion?

Overall, these did grow on me. That being said, I find it hard to believe Sour Patch will find a big market for these.

My guess is that it will become a novelty candy that doesn’t connect with a large enough fanbase to stick around.

Regardless, for me, it’s an OM. It’s crazy and fun, but not something I would eat instead of normal Sour Patch Kids.

Or even the tropical flavors for that matter…