Hi-Chew is getting a new flavor in 2019…

What’s Hi-Chew Newest Flavor?

It’s going to be…wait for it…DRAGONFRUIT!

In celebration of Morinaga’s 10-Year Anniversary, they held a fan vote to choose the newest addition to the Hi-Chew team in what they called the East Meets West Flavor Challenge.

Among the other choices of new flavors were Chocolate Melon, Cotton Candy, Banana Fizz and Strawberry Cheesecake, but ultimately it was Dragonfruit that won out (in what I imagine was by a wide margin). All of those flavors have been available in Japan at some point.

They are planned to hit stores sometime in 2019, but an exact date hasn’t been determined. I will keep you posted.

Where will Dragonfruit rank on the list of best Hi-Chew flavors? Only time will tell, but it’s certainly promising!

Newest Hi-Chew Flavor: Dragonfruit


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