Queen Anne Cordial Cherries [Review]

A holiday classic from Queen Anne.

Here, I’ve reviewed the Queen Anne Cordial Cherries MILK CHOCOLATE flavor. I’ve never had the dark chocolate, but it is out there.I’ve even seen new cordial blueberries in stores lately. I haven’t had those either, but if you have some extra boxes of anything laying around the house after the holidays, be sure to contact me. I’d be happy to take them off your hands!

There’s a lot of nostalgia attached to this candy for me, so be warned: it will be a biased review. In fact, I gave a cordial cherry to my girlfriend just now and she thought it was the “nastiest thing ever” with “a horrible aftertaste.”

What does she know anyway? I love this candy(but only during the holidays).

For me, this is a holiday treat to look forward to. You may vaguely recognize the box yourself. Maybe it’s from the huge freestanding stacks of them you see at Walmart from November to December, and then immediately on sale in January. Or maybe it’s been your stocking stuffer every year, and you don’t even know why anymore. Either way, there’s a good chance you’ve had at least one Queen Anne Cordial Cherry in your life.

Your enjoyment of this candy will most likely be correlated with your tolerance for cherries and sweets in general. If you’re a chocolate lover, I wouldn’t recommend this cordial cherry in particular. However, if you’re a fan of overly sweet, with a hint of chocolate, I think Queen Anne Cordial Cherries are the seasonal candy for you.

The box itself contains 2 sleeves of 5 cordials each (10 in total for you math wizards out there). For the most part they look as they appear on the box. Occasionally, you will get a bad patch where 6 of the cordials have exploded and left a mess within the sleeve. If you’re lucky, you’ll get a box where only a few have been destroyed. Whether you have 4 or all 10, ‘Queen Anne Cordial Cherries’ are something that will need to be shared. Any more than 3, and I don’t think your body will be able to take all that sugar and sweetness.

I have a quick suggestion though: put these in the fridge! As a seasoned veteran, I can say that they’re roughly 100% better cold, as the creme congeals to make a compact and easy to eat the snack. Now that I think about it, this candy is essentially the Christmas Cadbury Creme Egg (with cherry), when you do it that way. The creme filling is very similar in that it’s messy and very sweet when room temperature. Cold, it’s less so but still sweet as hell.

The taste can be misconstrued as ‘cheap’, but I would more describe it as ‘homey’. They’re not for everyone, but the fact that they are only sold within the holiday season only adds to the allure. They might not actually be all that good, but they taste like childhood, which is all that you can ask for from a candy anyway.

The conclusion?

I recommend only if you ate one from ages 5-13. For me, they are a ZOMG!