Hi Chew Bites

Hi-Chew Bites: Mango & Orange vs Grape & Strawberry

For my latest review, I’m operating under the assumption that you’ve tried them already and realize they are awesome. The post will decide which flavor is better: Mango & Orange or Grape & Strawberry.

Hi Chew Bites

Now on paper, the battle may seem a little one-sided. Mango and Orange are the clear underdogs in this scenario. While mango is popular nowadays, I would still call it a polarizing flavor; you either love or you hate it. Orange on the other hand is one of the most boring flavors in existence. You can read more on my detest of orange in pretty much any of my reviews. Grape and Strawberry however are both unique, strongly flavored, fan-favorites.

But truth be told, Hi-Chew really excels with the flavors like mango and orange. Something about it. Now the candy itself isn’t as fun (you can have trouble telling which is an orange bite which is mango bite based off their colors), but the blend of the two is better than grape and strawberry. The latter doesn’t seem to work as a combination, and even the flavors by themselves are a little underwhelming. Anyone who has had the strawberry Hi-Chews plain can probably attest to this. The bag of strawberry and grape is definitely pretty though.

In conclusion, I’m going to have to award the 2016 Hi-Chew Bites trophy to: Orange & Mango. Congrats Orange & Mango; you made a great team.

Hi Chew Bites

Now for the review of the candy, in general:

For those who haven’t had these yet, think of a smaller version of a Hi-Chew with just an outside that’s a little crispier – kind of like a Hi-Chew Skittle. If that sounds like something up your alley, I’m sure you are not alone. Starburst recently has done the same thing with their Starburst Bites.

However, what makes these more unique and, in my opinion, better is the fact that it’s a light candy-coating on the outside. It’s basically a soft Skittle with a delicious Hi-Chew inside. They are definitely a Hi-Chew candy, so don’t worry about them tasting different from anything that you are used to. It’s simply just another addition to the already strong brand. I highly recommend!