Chips Ahoy S’Mores

Chips Ahoy Smores
S’mores Chips Ahoy

Chips Ahoy! S’mores

Chips Ahoy! becomes the little brother of Oreo with an underwhelming attempt at the s’mores flavor

“Anything you can do, I can do better.” It’s a sentiment that has fueled rivalries since the dawn of time. However, in the cookie world at the moment, there’s an arms race: Chips Ahoy vs Oreo. Oreo was the first to start experimenting with new and exciting flavors. For the most part they have perfected it.

In the other corner you now have Chips Ahoy, a worthy opponent who has earned the right to be here. They’ve been providing cheap, but quality cookies to the public for years, and I have no complaints with their product. However, I don’t want to say they are knocking off what Oreo has been doing. But it’s hard not to see their experiments as a money-grab. It’s likely that the rest of the market sees it that way, too, as they don’t get nearly as much fame as the Oreo ones. In fact, I reviewed S’mores Oreo long before I even knew about these–just a tad late there, Chips Ahoy!

Now much of my opinion of the S’mores Chips Ahoy would change if they were actually delicious. Unfortunately, my first box of their “flavored” cookies left me largely disappointed.

Smores Chip Ahoy
Just a cookie. Not a S’more.

This ends up tasting like a chocolate cookie with some chocolate filling. You can barely taste the marshmallow, which makes the whole S’mores label very misleading. There’s indeed some white chocolate chips in there, but unless you are really looking for the marshmallow flavor, it goes unnoticed.

Smores Chips Ahoy
A look inside.

They would have been much better off having the filling be the marshmallow flavor. A combination of both even would have been more ideal. Maybe then the cookie would have also looked like an actual S’more instead of just coming off as a cookie with black and white chocolate chips.

I can attest that Chips Ahoy brings their consistency to the table here, but this experiment doesn’t do it for me. I have faith that other flavors will be better. I certainly hope so, otherwise Oreo will soon wipe all competition from the cookie world.