Guest Post: Meiji Fruit Gummies Part II

I was at the†Society for Neuroscience†conference in New Orleans earlier this week, so Iím turning things over to some globe-trotting friends. Cameron and Meredith are former roommates of mine (we did lots of chocolate truffle tastings together), and theyíre writing about some treats they bought on a recent trip through Japan. ~Rosa

Here’s the rest of the Meiji Gummies first covered on Wednesday.


Cameron: A bit firmer than the rest, but unfortunately the bog-standard strawberry flavor that you get from any mass-produced strawberry gummy – it tastes like cheap jam. Iím not totally opposed to it, and perhaps itís better for a mass market product like this to go with the de facto standard, but it certainly isnít an innovative or unique take on the flavor.†O

Meredith: I have a problem with a lot of strawberry-flavored candy: I canít stand peanut butter, and apparently over the years Iíve picked up an PBJ-mediated distaste for certain mass-produced strawberry jam flavors too.

I like fresh strawberries and some strawberry-flavored products (again,†Hi-Chew†comes to mind), but this sort of mass-produced strawberry jam flavor is seriously offputting to me. †This strawberry gum actually had a peanut butter aftertaste for me that is almost certainly illusory, so I have to give it a highly subjective†.

And finally, the odd one out – the white grape flavor, from the Pupurun line. (Which has a particularly†adorable mascot.)

Cameron: No question, this is a superior gummy to the other product line. Itís super soft, with a center thatís just barely not liquid, and the flavor is very nice and authentic to the fruit. Itís got a bit of complexity thatís similar to the difference between seedless and seeded grapes, and some wineyness in the aftertaste.†OMG

Meredith: First off, I loved the texture of the dome gummy! It has a sproingy outside layer and an oozy melty inside, much like an actual grape. And its flavor is spot on in the ďreal grape flavorĒ category. Makes me want to go to the market and buy some Finger Lakes grapes! A solid†OMG.

We ended up rating the Pupurun a bit higher than Rosa did – I think this is the closest youíll get to a direct comparison, so you can maybe say that weíre a hair less discerning than your usual host!