What are you handing out tomorrow?

Halloween is tomorrow! If you’ve yet to buy your candy for trick-or-treaters (I think it’s not a bad idea to wait; if you buy too soon you risk eating it all yourself), get that done ASAP! Unless you live in Sandy’s path – then you should hunker down and stay safe. What candies do you…

Valrhona Chocolate Covered Pearls

I bought these Valrhona Chocolate Covered Pearls from Whole Foods, where they were sold by weight in a little tub (yes, I know the sell by date says 01/24/2012; this review is based on notes I took about a year ago. Yes, I know that means they’ve been kicking around in my backlog for a while….

Cadbury Screme Egg Commercials

Via AdFreak, Cadbury’s been promoting their new Halloween Screme Eggs (really just Cadbury Creme Eggs with a gross green center) with a fun series of commercials in Canada. I especially like that the regular eggs apparently talk only in “Goos”.

Guest post: Ovomaltine

As I try to recover from a week in New Orleans, ex-pat friend Knile has a couple of guest posts on deck. ~Rosa I can’t believe I’m still eating what I bought in Switzerland nearly six months ago! I’ve been dying to tuck into this one in particular, but have held off for a rainy day. Here we…

Skittles Sweat

I’m great at working up a sweat, which is maybe unideal since I moonlight as a group exercise instructor. Not sure what my students think of my sogginess by the end of class. BUT – at least I’m not sweating Skittles, like this hairy dude from yet another weirdo Skittles commercial. Via AdFreak.

Guest Post: Meiji Fruit Gummies Part II

I was at the Society for Neuroscience conference in New Orleans earlier this week, so I’m turning things over to some globe-trotting friends. Cameron and Meredith are former roommates of mine (we did lots of chocolate truffle tastings together), and they’re writing about some treats they bought on a recent trip through Japan. ~Rosa Here’s the rest…