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De La Rosa Candy History, Recipe, Taste, and More

Mexican De la rosa candy comes in a small disk-like shape, and you can easily find them all over Mexico and some more countries. These candies are simple and include peanuts and sugar. But some candy manufacturers use artificial colors and flavors to enhance the taste and fulfill the requirements of various customers worldwide.

De la rosa candy can be compared with peanut butter mixed with a lot of sugar that easily dissolves in your mouth to give a crunchy sweet taste. The candy is best for people with sweet tooth.

You can easily find these candies in the market, which come individually with a polythene wrap. Traditional De la rosa candy doesn’t include any flavors. It’s just peanuts and sugar. Search the online marketplace to find your favorite taste and type.

Don’t worry if you love the concept but don’t find the candy at your place because this article explains the process of preparing these candies at home. We also covered details like how you can store them, the number of calories, whether it is healthy, etc. If you have never heard about De la rosa candy, this is the best resource to gather all necessary information. Let’s start without wasting more time.

De la Rosa candy history

The history of candies takes us back to 1942 when Jesus M, Michel Gonzalez, and his family started a business to prepare and sell sweets in their Mexican hometown Guadalajara. They introduced the recipe to the world, and that’s how our favorite Mexican candy de la rosa was born.

With time, the business grew because people loved the candies’ taste. Recently, de la Rosa’s Mazapán is an established business well-known for selling sweets in Mexico.

The company tried to expand its business and introduced various candies, including Pulparindo and more. But none of them got as famous as the De la rosa candies. If you are in Mexico, don’t forget to taste the sweets provided by the company. If not, trust us with the process and use the recipe below to prepare the candy yourself.

You may not get the traditional taste, but something is better than nothing.

How De la rosa candy is made

As mentioned, preparing the candy is pretty straightforward. Even kids can do it. Make sure to collect these ingredients before you jump into printing the recipe.


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The recipe

  • Fill your mixer grinder with peanuts and switch it on
  • Grind until all peanut smashes, and the paste must look like peanut butter
  • Add sugar and grind it again until it’s thoroughly mixed
  • You can use powdered sugar to make the process easy for yourself
  • At last, add the essence or flavor of your choice and grind it again for a minute
  • Take the paste out in a container and form little disk-like candies
  • Make sure you don’t make it too thick, or they won’t dry quickly
  • Dip them into chocolate syrup or stick dry fruits
  • Experiment with anything you want as your imagination has no limits
  • Leave them to dry once you are happy with the consistency
  • Store them to consume anytime

That’s it! Using this simple process, anyone can prepare the delicious De la rosa candies at home. You may not get the perfect results for the first time, but obviously, you can improvise the next time.

If you notice, the main ingredients include excessive sugar, which is not suitable for health. If you are health conscious, substitute with Stevia sugar for low carbohydrate consumption. That taste will change a little, but the sweetness remains intact.

What does it taste like?

Have you ever to tasted peanut butter? Then these candies pretty much match the taste. You get the crunchy taste of peanuts with the sugar dissolving in your mouth. It’s more like a sweet trip you would enjoy with your friends or family.

However, the taste and fragrance of candy change if you use any additional ingredients while preparing. Like it may include the taste of chocolate or vanilla essence you used or any other.

Traditional De la rosa candy tastes simple, and people love to consume them in Mexico.

How to eat a De la rosa Mazapan?

Kids love these candies because of the sugary taste. Even adults can consume them, especially after food when the cravings for something sweet are high. Do you get a bad mouth because of fever? Just pop a de la rosa candy and see the magic?

Try to gift this candy to someone with a sweet tooth. The sugar in these candies is much more than any other candies. People who love consuming sugars regularly in their diet will love the taste and praise you for introducing the candy.

The candy tastes sweet and crunchy with peanuts’ goodness and health benefits. You can consume this candy various times, but don’t wait for a particular time to taste the sweetness. Pop a candy in and enjoy your day.

Image Credit: My Mexican Candy

De La Rosa Candy calories

Candies mean sugar, but the amount of sugar these candies include is insane, which concerns most people about calorie intake. However, it’s difficult to assure you about the calorie intake because every company follows different methods to prepare and uses other ingredients.

On average, a Mazapan de la rosa candy includes 60 calories. But that’s just a rough average. To know the exact number, check the back side of the package where they mention all the ingredients used, how it’s prepared, protein benefits, etc. You can calculate the calorie intake using this data.

Also, if you are on a strict diet and your exercise routine doesn’t allow you to consume such high-calorie food, then ask your trainer before consuming it. They might have the information about it. If not, make them aware of the amount of sugar and peanuts it includes.

Although peanut butter is suitable for people who regularly exercise in a gym, we don’t think a peanut butter with this much sugar is beneficial. Again, it changes from person to person, and your fitness trainer is the best person to answer this.

Is De la rosa candy good for your health

These candies don’t include any additional food items. It’s mostly just the peanuts and sugar. Some companies have artificial flavors and fragrances, but their impact is almost negligible on your health. So, consuming the candies in a limited amount doesn’t negatively affect your health.

With that, the candies provide some additional health benefits like peanut is a rich source of Magnesium, Folate, Vitamin E, Copper, and Arginine. Sugar can give you higher energy levels, a robust immune system, good sleep, and an improved gut.

However, as mentioned, you must consume them in limited quantity and check with your trainer if you are following a diet. De la rosa candy is popular because of its delicious taste and health benefits. So, don’t worry. Like other candies, they are safe to consume and enjoy the goodness of peanuts and sugar.

How to store Mexican candy de la rosa?

Of course, you are not going to eat all candies at once. This raises the question of how should you store your sweets? It’s easy to follow the similar process you use to store other candies.

Please keep them in an airtight box so the moisture from outside doesn’t impact the taste or smell of your candies. Companies pack each candy in different polythene wrap; even you can imitate the same process for your home-prepared sweets.

You don’t need to refrigerate them but make sure your candies don’t get exposed to extreme heat, or the sugar inside will melt. This will deteriorate the shape of your sweets.

Not only will the sugar melt, but it will worsen the taste. Imagine your candies reacting with heat inside an airtight box? No one would like to eat that.

How long Mazapan de la rosa last?

You cannot store the candies forever, but they usually have a longer shelf life if stored properly. These candies can easily last between 8 to 12 months. However, we don’t recommend you to keep them for so long. Just prepare enough to consume in 1-2 months. The recipe is easy, and you can prepare it anytime at home.

Even if you purchase them from the market, get them in limited quantities to finish quickly, waiting a month or two.

Sometimes, some peanuts are not the best quality, and the candies start changing their taste with time. They taste best when fresh; we recommend you consume them as soon as possible so you can enjoy the delicious taste of all the efforts and money you put in to get these mouth-watering candies.

Can you use it as a topping on the cake?

It’s surprising, but people use De la rosa candies as toppings for cake. It’s believed that it helps preserve the cake for up to 4-5 days.

Indeed, you cannot just stick your candies on the cake to preserve it. The process is different, and you must prepare a liquid paste of sugar and peanuts to apply to your cake using a brush. This forms a layer on your cake and doesn’t allow it to contact with air. It preserves the cake’s flavor and cream and keeps it fresh for a few days.

This doesn’t mean you don’t have to refrigerate it. The process of preserving remains the same; the extra layer of peanut and sugar helps to an extent.

Imagine getting your wedding cake delivered four days before, just because you don’t want to take a chance. At this point, using a simple coating will help you a lot.

Image Credit: Pinterest

The biggest de la rosa candy

Usually, De la rosa candy is small that you can pop in your mouth to enjoy the delicious taste. But the giant candy that holds the Guinness book of the world record weighed 18,000 LBS or 8,165 kgs.

It was a fantastic process that brought marketing for the company and slowly skyrocketed their sales. The size of the candy was huge, and preparing it was also the most challenging part. It took efforts from 70 people to design a giant candy that measured around 10 feet in diameter.

The record was made in 2018, and no one has been able to break it. Candy lovers still remember the event; you can find various images of the people who participated and the giant candy on the Internet. It was a memorable event for candy lovers, and still, you can find fans talking about it on various social media platforms.

Final thoughts

Suppose you love peanuts; you will surely love the De la rosa candy. It’s one of the simplest yet most famous candies we have ever seen. The recipe for preparing this candy is simple: grind peanuts, add sugar, and water to maintain a stance. Make small candies that quickly dry and store them in an airtight container so they don’t get in direct contact with heat or air.

We recommend you prepare in limited quantities that you can consume within one or two months. You can preserve them for 8-12 months, but these candies taste better when fresh. If you don’t want to take the hassle, purchase the sweets from the store or are readily available online.

Peanuts and sugar in the De la rosa candy bring many health benefits and are suitable for your immune system if consumed in limited quantity. However, the sugary content increases the calorie intake, so consult your trainer before consuming if you are on a strict diet.

These candies bring sweetness to your life, and if you know someone who has a sweet tooth and never tried them, then gift them one and see the magic. By the way, have you ever tried de la rosa Mexican candy? If not, would you love to have them? Please tell us in the comments.