mexican candy shot recipe

Mexican Candy Shot Recipe for Spicy Drink Lovers

Mexican candy shot recipe is here to repair your weekday blues. A refreshing drink is enough to energize you, especially when you have chilies added to it. Yes, chilies in a cocktail sound weird. Imagine tasting a cocktail with the sweetness of fruits and flavors of alcohol, but you get welcomed by red chilies in your mouth that leave you spiced and amazed! That is what the Mexican candy shot recipe is all about.

However, don’t confuse yourself by thinking that all you get chilies, then why this shot? It also includes the sweetness of fruits like watermelon, strawberry, Mango, etc. However, the spicy element makes it different from all others, and it will leave you with all your senses open.

If you are ready to go on a spicy trip with a bit of sweetness and, of course, the alcohol, then read through the end to understand the various Mexican candy shot recipe you can try at home. We also included other details about the recipe like health benefits, how it tastes, the alcohol content, etc.

It is a fully guided tour that explains every aspect of the recipe. The next time you organize a house party, serve this spicy drink to your friends and notice the series of compliments you receive. Most people love this recipe.

What is a Mexican candy shot

No one knows about the history and original creator of the shot, but it’s popular and well-known for the variety it provides. Traditionally, it was prepared using watermelon juice, red chili powder, and tequila. Still, over time, the recipe has seen variations, and now people prepare it using different fruit juices like Mango, strawberry, raspberry, etc.

The recipe’s main ingredient and essence are chilies, which remain intact despite variations in the recipe. The main purpose of this Mexican candy shot recipe is to leave a sweet and sour flavor in your mouth with the spice of chilies. You can prepare it with any fruit you want but make sure the basics remain the same, and your cocktail shot must serve the purpose it was created for.

It’s a refreshing drink that leaves all your senses open because of the spiciness. You can try some of the famous recipes mentioned below or come with your version that you are free to choose.

We explained the top three Mexican shot recipes that most people always ask about. You can always do improvisations as you like but make sure the drink serves its purpose.

mexican candy shot recipemexican candy shot recipe

Mexican candy shot recipe

Also known as the Mexican lollipop, this recipe is famous for its sweet and sour taste:


  • Tequila – Any tequila will work, but we recommend using silver tequila because it’s clear and commonly used to prepare cocktails.
  • Watermelon juice – Try to get the fresh juice because it tastes better. You can even substitute it with Mango or grapefruit as both tastes good.
  • Lime juice – You can use it to increase the sourness of the drink and stick spices on the rim.
  • Lime wheel– For garnishing and presentation.
  • White sugar (granulated), chili powder, and lime zest – A mix of all these spices will create Tajín, which you’ll stick on the rim. The drink is famous because of these spices.
  • Sauce – Any spicy hot sauce will work, or use tabasco


First, take the bowl to mix sugar, chili powder, and lime zest to prepare a sweet and salty Tajín mix. Then rub the lime wedge around the rim of your glass and dip the shot glass in the Tajín mix so that it properly sticks on the glass.

Take a cocktail shaker with clear ice cubes and pour the watermelon juice, hot sauce, lime juice, and tequila into it. Shake it well until your drink becomes cold enough to serve. Strain the sweet mixture into your shot glass and garnish it using a lime wheel to give an effect.

That’s it; your sweet and salty cocktail is now ready to be served.

Mango Mexican candy shot recipe

The next shot on our list of recipes is the one with the Mango flavor:


  • ½ shot of fresh mango juice and tequila
  • Tajín (sugar granules, salt, and lime juice mix)
  • Mango flavor powder
  • A shot glass and cocktail shaker
  • Lime wedge


The recipe is similar to the one we explained above, but the ingredients are changed. Pour your Tajín mix into a bowl and rub the lime wedge on the rim of your glass. Dip your shot glass in the mix so it properly sticks to the glass. Pour some chili powder from above if you want more fun.

Now pour the mango juice, tequila, mango flavor powder, lime juice, and ice into a cocktail shaker and shake until it mixes properly and cold enough to serve. Garnish it with a slice of lime if you want.

Your Mango Mexican candy shot recipe is ready to serve, and let your guest enjoy the sweetness of Mango, the sourness of the lime, and the spiciness of chilies simultaneously. Get ready to receive compliments!

Mexican candy shot recipe with chamoy

Chamoy is a popular sauce prepared from dehydrated fruits like plum, apricots, or Mango (even a combination of all three). It also includes chili powder, sugar, salt, and little lime juice to enhance the flavor. The Chamoy sauce tastes spicy, sweet, salty, and sour based on the flavors.

It isn’t easy to get a sweet and salty taste with just a little Tajín on the rim. That’s why people use this sauce in their drinks. It enhances the flavor and leaves a lasting taste in your mouth.

Preparing a Mexican candy shot recipe with chamoy is easy, like the other two recipes we explained above. All you need is a good quality chamoy sauce.


  • One ounce of tequila
  • Two ounces of fruit juice of your choice (popular one includes strawberry, watermelon, and raspberry)
  • Chamoy sauce
  • Granulated sugar as per taste
  • Ice cubes
  • 1 lime for juice and wedges
  • Shot glass and cocktail shaker


Rub the lime wedge across the rim of your glass and dip it into a bowl of granulated sugar so it sticks properly. We won’t use the mix of salt, sugar, and lime in this recipe because we are already using the Chamoy sauce to enhance the effect, and the mix will overdo things.

Pour clear ice cubes into your cocktail shaker and add fruit juice, tequila, chamoy sauce, and lime juice. Shake until it mixes properly and you feel it’s cold enough to serve. Strain the mix in your shot glass and garnish it with a lime wedge.

Your Mexican candy shot with chamoy is ready to serve. The effect of chilies, salt, and lime juice will be more because we are directly using the juice and not on the rim.

Can you use vodka in the same recipes?

Surely you can improvise the Mexican candy shot recipe with vodka or your favorite alcohol, but the point here is to keep the flavors and traditionality intact. Tequila is a Mexican drink, and that’s why it’s commonly used to prepare these shots.

Also, tequila matches best with our ingredients to prepare the shots. You may love it with any other drink, and you are free to try but at least give this recipe a try. We are sure that you will love it.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Here are some questions you might have about this drink:

1. What does a Mexican candy shot look like?

The color of the fruit you are using in the shots dominates how it looks. Like watermelon shots look light red, mango ones will look a little yellow, and raspberry shots also look red, but the color is pretty dark.

The Tajín on the wedges shows mixed colors because of the red chili powder, salt, and sugar. It enhances the overall look and also gives the drinker a chance to identify what the shot is all about.

You can change the color according to your choice by adding various coloring, but we don’t recommend you do that. It doesn’t change the taste, but it’s unnecessary. Let the fresh fruit juice reflect its colors, and it also helps the drink to look fresh.

2. What does it taste like?

As mentioned, the shot includes the sweetness of fruit juice and sugar, the strongness of tequila, the sourness of the lime, and the saltiness of the salt you stick on the rim of the glass. All these flavors mix to leave a strong effect on your mouth and leave you stunned for a few seconds.

Most people say spiciness is not for cocktails. Still, a Mexican candy shot recipe is a perfect example where it doesn’t allow the spiciness to overload and ruin your drinking experience. It mixes with the sweetness of fruits, sugar, and sauces and gives the perfect taste that you would ask for again.

If you want to refresh your mood and get rid of that headache, then this drink will surely help.

3. Is it good for your health?

Alcohol is not good for your health, and you must drink responsibly. The amount of alcohol the drink include is less, and having one or two shots on the weekend won’t cause any real harm to your health. Also, the drink includes fresh fruit juice that provides various health benefits.

Ensure you are not allergic to any Mexican candy shot recipe ingredients. If yes, we don’t recommend you to try it. For like, you can ask the bartender not to include that allergic ingredient, but if it’s one of the main ingredients, you don’t have any choices left.

It hardly has any health benefits, but at the same time, the drink is not harmful to your health if you drink in limited quantity according to your body type.

mexican candy shot recipe

4. What is the best occasion to have a Mexican candy shot?

Your wild parties are the best occasions to have this drink. Also, when you are in the mood to try something new and challenging, don’t forget to have a Mexican candy shot with a chamoy sauce.

It’s good to have this drink while partying with your friends to celebrate your favorite team’s victory.

Although you can prepare the drink at home, we don’t recommend you enjoy it alone as it tastes better when you have people to shout around. Rest depends on you!

5. Are Mexican Lollipop Shot, and Mexican Candy Shot the same?

Yes, they are the same and share the same recipe but are slightly different. Like Mexican Candy Shot is completely liquid and includes fruit juices, whereas Mexican Lollipop Shot comes with sliced fruit bits mixed in your drink.

That’s it! They are the same: most people don’t even know about Mexican Candy Shot. They refer to it as Mexican Lollipop Shot only.

Maybe it’s still referred to as lollipop shot in Mexico, but they have improvised the name in the west.

6. Can your non-alcoholic friend have it?

On a rough day, if your non-alcoholic friend agrees to have a drink, please don’t let him taste this wild shot, or he will never think about drinking again. If you have tried alcohol or tasted some tequila shots before, you can easily sustain this one.

However, we don’t recommend you to experiment with it with first-time drinkers. It affects their mood for partying, or worse, it may affect your friend’s health because he is not habitual of drinking, and such a wild shot will do more harm than good. It’s better to keep them away and give something mild to start.

Final thoughts

If you are in a bad mood or have a headache, try this Mexican candy shot recipe; the sweet and sour taste will let you forget all your sorrows. The best recipe is the one with Chamoy sauce, as flavors directly get mixed with the drinks and leave a lasting taste in your mouth.

Even the ones with Tajín on the rim are good, but they don’t provide the enhanced taste like the ones you get with sauces.

Mexican candy shot recipe is among the most flexible recipes, and you are allowed to change the fruit juice or tequila with your favorite choices. However, don’t forget that the essence is sweet, spicy, and sour.

Which is your favorite recipe? Please tell us in the comments.