What Favorite Drink Say

What Does Your Favorite Drink Say About You?

Talking about one?s favorite drink may seem like an easy topic, but it is not. Preferences over drinks change and may even be a function of a person?s state over some time. With due skepticism, an individual?s favorite drinks can tell who they are as a person.??Tell me who your friends are, and I?ll tell you who you are? is so yesterday. Instead, tell me what your favorite drinks are, and I?ll let you know who you are. Or better yet, find out yourself!?


The flavor of the soda that we have come to know today is the product of innovation by chemists and pharmacists who dedicated themselves to blending the next big flavor.

Soda is the go-to drink of people who are up for something refreshing minus the alcoholic sting. As a non-alcoholic beverage, sodas can be enjoyed by the young and old alike.?

If you are a soda person, you do not worry about getting plastered as long as you get a good drink. As a soda person, you find joy in living temperately.???

Hot Tea

You cannot thoroughly enjoy hot tea until it gets drenched in hot water. Similarly, hot tea stans are usually indifferent until they drown you with warmth and passion. Hot tea enthusiasts are also calm and collected. The relaxing effect of hot tea is enough to quench their thirst.

Like getting to know tea people, there is no bad time for tea.???

Iced Tea

According to the Tea Council of the U.S.A. Inc., of the 50 billion cups of tea served annually, 40 billion are iced. This fact may come as no surprise as the invention of iced tea happened in the US at the St. Louis World?s Fair in 1904.?

The conception of the iced tea came as a solution to the sweltering heat that a hot tea obviously cannot do. To encourage fairgoers from trying out tea amid the humidity, the staff of the Far East Tea House began pouring hot tea over ice cubes, hence ?iced tea.?

So much for history, Iced Tea enthusiasts are laid-back and enjoy convenience over anything else.?

Specialty Coffee

Specialty coffee sets itself apart from other coffee by its luxurious value ? a relatively higher cost and higher cultivation conditions.?

With these characteristics, specialty coffee enthusiasts are leaning towards quality, environment, and service. Thus, specialty coffee lovers are orderly and sophisticated people who have high regard for great work ethics.

Black Coffee?

Black coffee is among the most common household must-haves. Black coffee?s aroma and intense flavor not only exudes nothing short of a pleasurable experience but a source of energy to get through the day.?

Black coffee lovers value simplicity, purity, and straightforwardness as they enjoy strong, bitter coffee and find it a waste to cover up the genuine taste of coffee.?


Lemonade has made its place in popular culture. Although studies are yet to confirm its perceived medical uses, recommendations about its consumption to prevent the build-up of calcium-based kidney stones earn wide acceptance by the public. Still, if you are prone to kidney stones or issues, do not rely on lemonade to save you. It can help, but you shouldn?t take it too seriously.

Lemonade fans are simple and candid. A simple mix of water, lemon, and a pinch of sugar are enough to quench their thirst and keep them hydrated.???


Kool-Aid, although not as popular as it once was, is still a drink of many following. This fruit-flavored drink reflects notorious expression. Kool-Aid lovers value organization culture so much, and sometimes, even at fault. The value they put on culture is enough to keep them spouting principles without thinking for themselves.


Water is the most underrated drink there is. Although seen as basic, drinking water does so much more than quenching thirst. Water is essential in maintaining bodily functions and staying on the pink of health.?

Say what you want to say, but water enthusiasts are among the best kind as they are organized, composed, and yet versatile. They put value in being composed and drive the people around them to health.

Since people believe that stars have something to do with personality, who or what is to say that favorite drinks cannot? Although you must view it lightly and with skepticism, it is undeniable that a bit of truth lies in the notion that what you drink can say something about you.?