Oogie Boogie Candy Dish Where to Buy?

Oogie Boogie Candy Dish Where to Buy?

The sack-like Disney cartoon oogie first appeared in the video game The Nightmare Before Christmas: The Pumpkin King in 2005. He instantly grabbed people’s attention because the character was unique. He was intelligent but evil-minded. Oogie used his power to torture people and overpowered others by using his lying techniques. Here, we will find out all about the Oogie boogie candy dish.

People loved how this cartoon character used to operate, and due to Disney’s efforts, now he is popular worldwide. Recently, an emerging trend grabbed people’s attention when Disney started selling Oogie Boogie Halloween candy dish.

It is a green candy dish in color, resembles an Oogie’s face, is large enough to keep many candies, and is best to use on scary occasions like Halloween. Currently, boggy Halloween candy dish is available in many marketplaces, including Disney’s shop, where you can place an international order.

In this article, we will discuss more the Oogie boogie candy dish, the character’s background, where and how you can purchase the product, is it worth it, and more details.

If you are willing to purchase the product, we recommend you read till last as the details will help you make the correct decision to invest your amount. Let us start with understanding the character.

Who is Oogie boogie?

As we discussed, Oogie boogie is a character from The Nightmare Before Christmas: The Pumpkin King. Some magazines even claimed that he is ‘the meanest guy around. Indeed, Oogie played a negative character in the game and was famous for his torturous techniques.

In-game, Oogie even has a personal hit list known as the “Boogie List,” which helps him keep track of his victims. Oogie refuses to kill and eat his prisoners immediately; instead, he enjoys teasing and mocking their helplessness. He made the prisoners victim of his torturous instruments before finally sending them to his Snake and Spider Stew and feasting on their remains.

His life revolved around gambling, and Oogie loved to gamble with others’ lives. Oogie tries to be smart and used to rolling dice, claiming these dice will select the prisoner’s fate. However, he cheated every time, and the odds were always in his favor.

Oogie has no skills for gambling; on three occasions, he rolls his snake eyes and admits he has been cheating. He used to slam his fist on the table to change the dice, resulting in a more desirable number.

The game depicted Oogie as a heinous character who will fall to the cheapest level for his benefit and love to torture his victims by keeping them alive and doing all gruesome things.

Oogie Boogie Candy Dish Where to Buy?

Why is he famous?

Back then, such torturous games or heinous characters were not in the mainstream like they are today. Indeed, the entire game was based on the concept of a smart and powerful villain that immediately grabbed people’s attention. Mainly, Disney the nightmare before Christmas Oogie got famous for two things.

His unique looks

No one thought a green sack-like creature could play such torturous roles until they found out in the game. Even his character remains unique to date, and that’s why Disney can sell Oogie boogie Halloween candy dishes on their marketplace.

His unique looks have a different fan base, and you can still find people discussing Oogie boogie on social media like Reddit discussions or Discord.

The negative role he played

Oggie has all the capabilities of a heinous dictator. He used to cheat his people, torture them using instruments, and ultimately feed them snakes. People were not used to such cruelty when the game was released, which is one of the main reasons behind the character’s popularity.

If you search Oogie’s torturous techniques, you will find hundreds of fun stories that will blow your mind, and you may become an Oogie superfan.

What is an Oogie boogie Halloween candy dish?

The Oogie character is pretty old and doesn’t seem much relevant in front of recent characters we have seen in updated video games. However, the Oogie boogie candy dish is trending.

It’s a serving dish made of bone china; it’s green in color with the same sack-like design that the Oogie has. The dish depicts the gruesome role oggie played in the video game, and people buy it to use it for scary events, mostly Halloween.

  • Oogie boogie candy dish is green in color and comes with a scary look
  • The dish is bone China with a sack-like design and a huge Oogie’s open mouth to keep the candies
  • It has a horn-like structure that gives the dish an amazing look

Why buy Oogie boogie candy dish

If you think, why do you need a special candy dish when you already got one, these benefits might change your mind. Particularly, these are the reasons behind the huge sale of the dish.

Makes you stand out

Think of organizing a Halloween party and placing a boggy Halloween candy dish in the middle. Your friends might have forgotten the role of Oogie they experienced in childhood, but the dish will refresh their childhood memories and help you leave your impression on their minds.

Give the scariest look with minimum efforts

We are always searching for the scariest object for Halloween; at times, we spend a lot of time decorating the same old stuff we have but using a little red light in a boggy Halloween candy dish will give you the scariest look with minimum effort.

Imagine people taking candies from the dish while it’s making creepy noises. It will immediately grab people’s attention.

Easy to purchase and budget-friendly product

If you live in America, it’s pretty easy for you to purchase from an online marketplace to get home delivery. For people residing in developing countries, it might be an expensive deal. Also, you need to pay international shipping charges.

It’s a budget-friendly product for the people of developed countries and will cost you around $44 on Disney’s website. It’s a considerable amount for people not living in the West, but you can get it delivered to your doorstep if you are a fan. We have explained the ways to order in this article.

Oogie Boogie Candy Dish Where to Buy?

Children love it

If you wish to share your childhood memories with your children, it’s probably the best way to do so. By showing this product, you can explain how video games were used in those times and how many things have changed. Even you can relive your memories with the use of this product.

Where to purchase?

It’s only available on selected marketplaces in America. Make sure you check the description and policies before purchasing, especially in the international orders, because they take time to arrive, and you don’t want to mess up with return or replacement.

Disney store

Product Price – £35.00

The best place to order the dish is from Disney’s store. You get the lowest price and good quality product. The description on their store says.

  • Sculpted design with painted details
  • High gloss glaze
  • Created for Disney Store

Even you can easily place an international order. They have special guidelines and delivery charges based on your subcontinent. Make sure you check them before ordering.

The best part is that Disney offers free returns, so even if you don’t like the product, you have the assurity that your amount will be safely refunded.


Product price $61.19

Walmart is another store where you can find oggie boogie Halloween candy dishes. Surprisingly, the price is more than double at Walmart. We checked it’s the same product with almost the same description.

Even if there is no clarification about international deliveries, we recommend you thoroughly check the details before ordering. It will be an expensive deal if you purchase it from Walmart.


Product price US $349.99

eBay is the last and most expensive website to order these Halloween candy dishes. They do ship internationally but to limited countries. You need to check their shipping policy before ordering.

However, we won’t recommend you purchase from eBay when you already have the best deal available for the same product. Although, the images look more realistic on eBay, so it’s worth checking out.

Don’t search for in these marketplaces

We researched the dish on many marketplaces for this article but could only find them on the three mentioned websites. Some articles claim that the dish is available at better prices on Amazon and Target, but it’s not there. So, don’t waste your time looking for the dish on these marketplaces.

We recommend you purchase it from Disney’s store as they provide the best deal with international shipping and free returns. Also, it’s a trusted website with active customer care to help you with problems.

Do we have reviews?

Unfortunately, none of the websites has customer reviews to understand the quality of the product. We have a few images available that the suppliers provide.

  • We don’t know much about the durability and quality of the material
  • No user photos or videos showing the delivered product like it. We usually find it on amazon
  • The pictures on multiple marketplaces look different. eBay has the most realistic pictures of all

We don’t have much information about what you will get or how durable the product will be. Although we have a return policy, there won’t be an issue; make sure you order it in advance.

Is it worth investing money?

The answers differ from person to person. It is just a waste of money for many people, and comments on various websites verify it. Many say they don’t like the concept, and it’s a regular toy but overpriced.

While some like the concept and say they will place an order for Halloween as it’s a readymade solution, and with a little lighting, it will easily give a stunning look. Even die heart fans of Oogie boogie will purchase it without a second thought.

Investing money is an individual choice but consider a few facts before purchasing.

  • We don’t have user reviews about the product
  • It’s not available on local marketplaces, and international shipment takes at least 15 days to arrive
  • There is no guarantee about the durability of the product

Related products

Suppose Oogie boogie candy dish Walgreens is your love. In that case, you will surely be interested in browsing these similar products, and they are easier to purchase as they are available on Amazon for worldwide purchase.

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The mug is available in three different designs best suitable for Halloween parties. These mugs give the required scary look, have enough positive ratings, and are durable. One of the designs looks similar to a boggy Halloween candy dish, which may solve your purpose if somehow you cannot purchase the original dish.

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This skull bowl is different from regular ones, and the sparkling red eyes make it unique. It’s the best product to use on Halloween and spacious enough to keep many candies simultaneously. Even it’s suitable for pouring liquids.

Nezababy Halloween Candy Bowl Holder

If you are a fan of Michael Myers Horror Movies, this is the best product. It includes a miniature of Michael Myers holding a transparent bowl. It’s not scary like others but surely worth considering as an option.

Final Thoughts

Oggie boogie got a different fan base who still doesn’t stop praising the character. Due to this, there is a demand for oggie boogie Halloween candy dishes, and you can purchase them from Disney stores, eBay, or Walmart.

However, we don’t have any customer reviews that prove the product’s durability. There is no surety of what product you will get, but you have the option of a free return.

Its looks like a perfect product for Oogie fans. Don’t restrict yourself from ordering just because it has a few problems. Try it for once; you may get a better product than expected.