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When you are visiting Holland and you’ll pass by any supermarket or corner shop, you’ll instantly notice the massive amount of candy stored in the shelves. If you have a sweet tooth, the Netherlands is definitely the place for you to go. In the Netherlands they also have a lot of candy that is not really known in other parts of the world. That is exactly why we wrote this blog; in the next few minutes you will learn a lot about two of the Dutchies favorite candies and ofcourse where to buy it! Dutch Expat Shop-


Drop (also known as licorice) is a candy with an indescribable taste. It was once developed for medical purposes, but today licorice is one of the most eaten sweets in the Netherlands. You have sweet and salty licorice, and the well-known brands continue to vary with different flavors. The taste of ‘drop’ is actually very difficult to explain. It resembles aniseed but also hints of salmiak at the same time. All we can say is, try for yourself! The Dutch can’t get enough, with an average of two kilos drop per person per year there is around 32 million kilos of drop consumed each year. 

Haagse Hopjes

These coffee-caramels were developed in The Hague and have been around since the 18th century. The discovery of the candy was a happy accident. Baron Hendrik Top was a real coffee lover. He left his coffee with sugar and cream on the stove by accident. When he tasted the thickened substance, he really loved it. The Hopje was officially born when Baron Hop made a sweet out of the substance together with his neighbors of the confectionery. If you have never tasted the Haagse hopjes we would definitely recommend trying it sometime. 

Want to try some Dutch snacks yourself?

Dutch candy are really something else. The delicious taste of some of the candies are incredible. Though finding those precious Dutch sweets can be quite a task. Luckily for you there is the Dutch Expat Shop. An (online) Dutch supermarket where you can buy over 27.000 Dutch and Belgian products. They are known for their worldwide shipping so wherever you are, The Dutch Expat Shop can deliver your favorite Dutch sweets.