NFTs To Buy

Top 6 NFTs To Buy This Year (2002)

NFTs were far and away the fastest growing crypto asset in 2021. The NFT market grew to be a $21+ billion industry which was over a 50% increase on the year. The thing is, that trend should continue through 2022 and beyond too. NFTs To Buy might not be used the way they are right now in the future, but they are certainly going to retain their value. 

If you are interested in getting into the crypto or NFT market, and looking into buying crypto like Polkadot, you have probably noticed how many options there are. Some are certainly better than others, especially when it comes to their investment prospects down the road. The Blockchain presents a lot of options when it comes to using the decentralized platform to mind NFTs and create security and revenue protocols for these tokens. 

If you are interested in NFTs To Buy, here are six of the most important NFT projects to keep an eye out for 2022. 

  1. Meta Triads – This is a great NFT project for fashion enthusiasts. The Meta Triads project has over 10,000 individual minted fashion tokens that people can buy right now with more to come in the future. Most of these digital art pieces are designed around metaverse humans, androids, and hybrids wearing a unique design. 

This NFT has its own crypto token called $TRIA and one unique thing about it is that members of the community can make passive income on their Triad when they purchase it. Owning these tokens can create investment income and passive income, making them valuable members of the NFT community. This brand-new token was just released in March 2022. 

2. Silks – The Silks NFT project is designed for the horse racing fan. The most unique thing about Silks is that each Silks Horse NFT you purchase is linked to a real-world racehorse. Anytime that horse performs well or wins a race, it generates passive income for the holders of that coin. 

Silks also has its own metaverse where people can purchase digital land plots, stables, and a variety of token accessories for horses. This digital community also allows you to monetize any holding you have in the Silks metaverse. You can even provide services like maintenance and repairs. 

3. Decentraland Decentraland is a true digital community where you can buy plots of land. It’s also an organization, where the users can vote on their own laws and regulations within the community. You can trade a massive number of digital assets in the metaverse, including clothing, makeup, appliances, and really anything you can think of. More of these assets are sure to come in the future. 

The community recently transitioned to the Ethereum 2.0 platform. This means it now has even more potential than people thought as far as future developments are concerned. 

  1. Satoshi Runners – Satoshi Runners is the NFT platform designed for those who want to invest in art. Right now, the project has 7,777 individual tokens you can invest in. The staking program the project has started also means owners of the NFT can make regular income when they own one of these digital characters.