Amazon Care Services

Amazon Care Services Expands its Offering

The Covid-19 Pandemic across the United States highlighted the urgent need for healthcare reform especially in terms of on-demand primary care and the management of chronic conditions from the comfort of private homes, so residents can get access to care where and when they need it most. Amazon Care Services-

First launched in 2019, Amazon Care recently announced that its services are now available nationwide across the United States. Amazon Care offers its members virtual and in-person care services supplied on an on-demand basis aimed at filling in gaps in the current provision of healthcare and other services.

 As Part of Amazon care’s expansion it has invested in growing its clinical care team and its in-person care services and the Amazon Care services are now accessible across Seattle, Austin, Los Angeles, Baltimore, Boston, Dallas, Washington, Arlington, San Francisco, Miami, Chicago and New York City.

Amazon Care began its journey in 2019 as an internal pilot program for Amazon employees and was later made available to other companies to better provide for and support their team members.

 Amazon Care today offers a wide range of services under its belt ranging from primary care and vaccinations, to preventive care, treatment of illnesses, injuries, sexual health and more.

In addition to undertaking prescription requests and refills Amazon Care on request will also dispatch a qualified individual to the member’s home for tasks such as drawing blood or a general health screening etc. 

Patients tired of existing healthcare systems and facilities can now access Amazon Care’s on-demand urgent and primary care services across the United States. 

In 2018 Amazon invested in healthcare by acquiring PillPack, an online pharmacy that allows users to purchase and receive medications in pre-made doses. This action was closely followed by the launch of Amazon Pharmacy – an online and mobile prescription medication ordering and fulfillment service that came just in time for those undergoing Covid-19 lockdowns and restrictions circa 2020.

Amazon also modified its Alexa product range to be used across medical facilities, care homes and nursing homes so administrators can create customized experiences for those under their care. Amazon Care provides comprehensive and convenient, high-quality healthcare solutions for its members with a trusted and professional approach. 

Amazon Care boasts a satisfaction rating of 4.7 and members are happy about Amazon Care’s comprehensive care solution, on-demand access to a range of qualified medical professionals and its patient experience that is seamless.

If a member’s issue cannot be resolved over a video call, Amazon Care offers to provide in-person care services for its members. This efficient and important value addition makes Amazon Care stand out from its competitors. 

Amazon Care’s video and chat options empowers members to directly connect with medical professionals thereby removing the common time wasting often associated with obtaining health and care related services.

Using augmented reality app design, in the future, it will be possible for remote medical professionals to get a first hand live understanding of the patient’s exact situation in a more virtual manner. This can lead to more effective diagnosis and treatment. 

Employers that opt to provide Amazon Care services to their employees are on a good footing paving the way for them to access high-quality, on-demand video-based – telemedicine help around the clock, within a matter of seconds. 

Amazon Care members can access the help and support of a medical expert often within 60 seconds and any medicines they may prescribe will be delivered by Amazon the following day. 

As a result of the Covid-19 Pandemic, Amazon Cares began to quickly offer vaccines at home and also provided support services  so those working from home could optimise their workspaces and also manage their sleep patterns as well.

Amazon Care goes further by offering pre-pregnancy planning, nutritional advice, health screenings and lifestyle guidance. One of the most unique features of Amazon Care is that members can continue to see a doctor that they have experience with creating long term relationships for both parties. 

Amazon Care users can utilize their Mobile App similar to those built by Elegant Media to schedule video consultations, schedule follow up visits, receive care summaries and obtain medicines, all in one place. Utilising the technology of ar ipad app development it is possible for members to access Amazon Care Services in new ways.

The Amazon Care Mobile App service also tracks medicine deliveries so members can know exactly the status of their deliveries. 

Amazon Care allows members to take control of their schedule and obtain medical care at their convenience. Amazon Care Teams are made up of medical professionals with extensive backgrounds in family medicine. These clinicians are dedicated to providing the care members need in an effective manner all the while understanding your particular health goals and personal situation.

Amazon Preventive Care is about illness prevention, Lifestyle and Wellness aims to help members achieve their wellbeing and health goals, Ongoing Care is related to the management of chronic conditions, Joint Care works on improving the back, neck, shoulders and other stressed out areas of the body and Sleep Care is all about making sure members get the best night’s sleep.

If you are ever in need of medical assistance at the click of a button, then Amazon Care is for you.