What’s Next for Mobile Apps?

There’s an app out there for just about any need we can think of – need to pay your bills? There’s an app for that. Need advice on how to decorate the house? There’s an app for that. Looking to play different kinds of games? A list of UK online casinos has an app for that too – but there’s a lot of change on the horizon for the mobile app marketplace as they become more integrated with standard device operating systems and user expectations also change, but what comes next for mobile apps?

Integration with wearable devices

This is something that many apps have already done well, but the increasing usage for wearable devices like smart watches has been increasing in recent years and having the ability to integrate existing apps into those devices will be key for many. That’s not to say that users will be looking to pay their bills from their watch, but there are certainly many instances where having the app integration for push notifications or payments or similar will be essential for their success and likely something that many app developers are likely to strive towards. 

Implementing extended reality

Some apps have already explored options in augmented reality and have done so very well, and for mobile in particular it’s likely that AR will take hold faster than VR will with the additional hardware and development needed to get VR off the ground – but there is a great platform already in place for extended reality to find a home on mobile apps. Whilst some uses may be more gimmick focussed than useful, demonstrations with the likes of having a metro card show an AR map of the metro route is a great idea that if implemented well could change the way many users approach their apps. 

Apps for folding devices –

Another novelty released recently has been the trend of foldable or flip smartphones once again with more display space and interesting resolutions too – whilst manufacturers seem to want to see these devices succeed, it has been a harder catch for users as most apps aren’t yet compatible. This may be the next big push for app developers and manufacturers will move on the back of this by developing their folding phones further too and exploring new display options. 

With apps also becoming a big part of more dedicated systems too as Microsoft’s latest operating system looks to rebrand away from programs and more towards apps instead, it’s a market extending past just mobile devices and will further lead to more exciting opportunities in the future.