Your Business

5 Requirements to Register Your Business

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken the world by storm, quite literally. The new normal has taken a different turn, and life is never the same again. Businesses have suffered the most from the current situation. But that does not mean the end of life for trade and industry.  If you are one of the many…

Plastic Packaging

Why Customers Would Rather Buy Compostable Over Plastic Packaging

Plastics are the opposite of sustainability. Although plastic helps preserve the flavour and nutrients of the food and reduces weight for postage, the unsustainable rate of plastic consumption litters cities, oceans, and waterways while contributing to health problems. It is a massive problem people are aware of but not providing a solution to solve it….

Different Types of Electricians

Learn the Different Types of Electricians and their Roles

Every building, whether commercial, residential, or industrial, has electrical systems installed. Each varies according to the specification of the building. Working with electricity is a technical skill, and only a professional electrician can do the job. An electrician is a skilled contractor who specialises in electricity-related matters. Before you hire someone to do an electrical…