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How to get lean six sigma free training

Working in project management or another related sector necessitates acquiring skills and experience in Six Sigma. Project Management Professional (PMP) and Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) certificates are among the many certifications needed to work in project management. Six Sigma certifications are frequently listed alongside PMP and other similar credentials by employers.

The process output quality is improved by identifying and eliminating defects (errors) and decreasing process variability, which is a goal of the quality management approach of Six Sigma. It’s possible to get Six Sigma certification from several organizations even if there is no regulatory body that sets the rules of the approach. You’ll do a lot to impress a prospective employer with your commitment to quality if you become certified in Six Sigma.

Take one of the best introduction to Six Sigma courses and learn everything you need to know to succeed.

Is there a purpose for learning Six Sigma?

The analytical and processing skills you’ll gain from studying Six Sigma will be instrumental in any leadership job you go on to have. A Six Sigma credential holder is one of the most highly regarded specialists in their area. As a means of enhancing your abilities, Six Sigma training is highly sought after. In addition, it ensures job progression, competitive pay, and the ability to stand out from the competition.

Free online Six Sigma courses and programs

Improve your Six Sigma skills by learning statistical analysis and recommending process modifications. Use lean manufacturing strategies by learning about the DMAIC cycle and the DMAIC process cycle. Lean Six Sigma training is included in the professional program, as is a technique for examining manufacturing processes. Employees will be more motivated if they learn Lean Management methods. Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification helps you learn to use a wide range of sigma tools, apply Lean Six Sigma fundamentals, and comprehend the logic and methodology of Six Sigma. 

Choose a Six Sigma certification level that suits your needs. Yellow, black, green, and master black belt are the levels of Six Sigma certification available.

  1. Those with a basic understanding of the Six Sigma process are known as Six Sigma Yellow Belts. While Six Sigma Green Belts and Six Sigma Black Belts prefer to take the lead positions in projects, they often fill supporting roles. For Six Sigma Yellow Belts, you won’t find many training courses.
  2. People that work closely with Six Sigma Black Belts and collect data are known as Six Sigma Green Belts. Six Sigma Green Belts frequently have obligations that extend beyond the confines of a specific Six Sigma project.
  3. Black Belts in Six Sigma are project leaders. Within a project, Six Sigma Green Belts and Six Sigma Yellow Belts often report to Six Sigma Black Belts. People that devote their complete attention to the project are known as full-time employees.
  4. Six Sigma has a team of Six Sigma specialists who are experts in their field. The “gurus” of Six Sigma are Master Black Belts. The team knows whom to turn to for guidance and a possible course adjustment whenever something unexpected happens.

Lean Six Sigma free training

You can find the best study guides, whether a college or university program instructor/administrator, an independent training provider, or an individual, and use them as the heart of your curriculum. Many Six Sigma training companies go beyond simply providing a textbook to benefit the industry. This company offers additional resources and instructor support by giving free self-study six sigma training guides.

  • Identifying the right training program is the first step:

There are no exceptions when it comes to Six Sigma certifications. You must first locate an appropriate training program to begin your certification process.

Look for classes near you first, as classroom instruction is nearly universally required. A simple Google search may be necessary for those with no other leads.

See if you can find somebody who has been certified in Six Sigma. You can elicit people’s experiences with training programs by asking. People who have had good results in the past should consider returning to the same program.

Look for recognized programs. A formal standards body does not define Six Sigma. However, some organizations do accredit it. Make sure you’re getting your education from a recognized institution.

  • In the second step, look for books:

All of this is going to feel like college all over again. If you want a black or master black belt, be prepared to spend much time in the books and the classroom.

  • The next step is to sign up for a course:

Training courses are the most effective approach to preparing for a Six Sigma competence test. Six Sigma training is available in both classroom and online formats. Although no institutional organization exists to give training, most well-known programs typically have accreditation. This course will give you practical knowledge of Six Sigma tools and methodologies. Take online programs and courses in Six Sigma to get started or develop your career. 

  • The written exam is the fourth step:

After completing the program, you’ll need to pass a written test to demonstrate your knowledge of Six Sigma.

Exams for black, green, and yellow belts typically last four hours, three hours, and two hours respectively.

  • Certification is the final step:

You can obtain six Sigma certifications from a variety of sources. You can apply for it on your own or, in some situations, you can get help from your employer.

The final word

The LEAN and Six Sigma techniques have been combined to create the Lean Six Sigma approach to corporate performance improvement. Both of these management approaches are among the most popular around the globe. A wide range of industries and services can attest to their success.

Having a Lean Six Sigma Certification on your resume shows that you’re serious about growing your business intelligence and analytical skills and your dedication to improving the company you work for. A Lean Six Sigma Certification from Simplilearn online learning platform distinguishes the holder from the rest of the pack.