Dabbing Kit

Everything You Need to Know about Dabbing Kit

Dabbing kit refers to an act where the user inhales a small quantity of vaporized liquid or drug-like cannabis oil or resin. Experts mention that dabbing has become a widespread THC consumption in recent times. Dabbing gives you lots of options, and you can get flavor-packed dabs, potent high temp dabs, and even the low temp dabs. 

If you are interested in dabbing, you should get yourself a dabbing kit or subscribe to stoner bundles. Here are some essential things you should know about these kits. 

What Is Included in a Dabbing Kit?

A dabbing kit is known by various names like stoner bundle, stoners pack, stoner box, or smoking essentials. The dabbing kits contain all accessories and products for an excellent dabbing experience. Here are some things that are a part of the dabbing kit.

A Convertible Dab Rig

A dab rig is a filtration device used to consume dabs or cannabis concentrates. These dab rigs are specifically designed for concentrates, and they work to provide better flavor and vapor consistency than a dry pipe or bong. Using a premium dab rig with the right accessories will give the user an intense and smooth high. 

Steel and Glass Dabbing Tools 

You will need dabbing tools that will work with your dab rig. The stoner bundles provide various stainless steel and glass dabbing tools that will be useful when using the dab rig. Here are some dabbing tools that are part of a dabbing kit. 

  • Glass Carb Cap 

A carb cap is a dabbing instrument that improves the heat and airflow direction for a better intake. You need to place the carb cap over the banger that has concentrates applied and is heated up. A carb cap is an essential dabbing tool. Without a carb cap, the hot air escapes out of the banger, and the surrounding air is pulled in, lowering the air temperature inside. 

Experts mention a carb cap is essential for any good jab. So if you like low temp dab, the carb cap is a must-have dab accessory. 

  • Quartz Banger Nail 

Also known as dab nail, the banger nail is a separate piece inserted inside the dab rig’s water pipe. A quartz nail plays a vital role in your dabbing experience. It is perfect for vaporizing cannabis oil concentrates. A quartz dab nail is a commonly used dabbing tool made of clean, clear crystal and can withstand extreme temperatures. Also, the quartz nail is built strong and will last longer than the glass dab nails. 

  • Metal Rolling Tray 

A metal rolling tray is an essential dabbing tool where you keep your dab tools, dab stations, dab pad, and other dabbing essentials. The rolling tray with its smooth surface helps keep everything organized. In addition, these rolling trays are portable and easy to use. 

The rolling tray is also helpful to prevent any spillages. It has high edges and an area to hold cannabis and rolling accessories. 

  • Torch Lighter 

A torch lighter is a small butane or propane torch used to heat the quartz banger. It can also heat a dab rig or the tip of a dab straw. 

To sum up, CBD stores offer a wide variety of dabbing kits. You should always see what is offered in the dabbing kit to avoid any nasty surprises when it is delivered to you.