How to Tell You Are in Love with a Girl

So you are having butterflies in your stomach and aren’t sure if you are falling sick, or in love. Perhaps it is an infatuation with the girl next door? Are you going mad? Maybe both are true – you are madly in love with her. This is true for all men, whether you feel you are an alpha male or a sissy with little masculinity.

The point is, falling for her is great, and it usually takes a third party to state the obvious; that we are in love. After running into exotic European babes on love will be in the air shortly. This may not be obvious immediately, but here are surefire ways of knowing you are smitten.

Infatuation or Love?

How do we know it is not infatuation, and we have fallen deep like a love-sick puppy? It is not clear-cut understanding differences between a crush, infatuation, lust, or adoration. There are some helpful pointers to help you find ladies on UaDates and have you smitten.

Butterflies in Tummy

If your stomach gets bubbly when she strolls by, you might be falling in love. The same applies when she calls, or her name is mentioned. There is a tingling tummy feeling, signifying hunger or endearment. This tingling feeling can be attributed to emotions rising, in a good way. Hence, adoration must be in the air if a lady has you feeling this way.

She Comes First

If you suddenly ignore calls and want to be with her constantly, you are smitten. It is no longer bros before ladies; it is the LADY before anything else. This phenomenon occurs only when women are involved. Putting aside football games, bar tabs, and risk-taking adventures with the boys to be with a girl is something many men have experienced. Jumping joyfully upon receiving her call, or when she asks you to help her move and offering to redecorate her house or watch soap operas, are signs you’ve fallen deep.

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When you begin adapting new dress codes, eating habits, perhaps even changes in hygiene, all because of her, that is love. Men rarely change anything because someone said so. When a lady can influence you enough to change old habits, chances are you are falling for her. Tough changes in men’s lives involve changing friends. Removing close friends based on family suggestions does not always pan out. If she suggests the same and you follow through, that’s the endearment.


Ever been speechless around a lady, yet you are the loudest of the pack? Whether she makes you squirm, go silent, or mad, there is a possibility it is all adoration. When a man falls deep, he exhibits fear around said the lady. This fear is because no man wants to mess up around their crush, and potential wife.

Seeing her Everywhere

This doesn’t mean you see her everywhere, it simply means everything reminds you of her. When you walk past a restaurant with her favorite meal, you visualize her. If you see someone with a puppy, and she adores dogs, you think of her. Maybe you walked past a décor shop and it reminded you of her – bro, you are in love. It is okay to fall deep, just be sure she is the right one for you depending on your needs.

With that being said, passion is awesome, finding your soul mate can be what you have always dreamt of. These are tried and proven methods to tell how deep your infatuation is, and if love is indeed in the air.