a Beer Shank

How Do You Assemble a Beer Shank?

Beer shank is a small but essential part of the beer dispensing system. It connects the beer line and the faucet into a single unit. That is why it is so important to know how to properly assemble this connector to avoid product leakage.

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How Does a Beer Shank Work?

Beer shank is a small element of the beer system which looks like a thick cylindrical piece of metal with a thread outside and a hole in the middle. It connects the beer line and the tower.

The principle of operation is the following: beer passes through a hole in the middle of the rod. Most rods are available with an inner diameter of 1/4 or 3/16 inch.

On the external thread (measured as 7/8” -14 or 29/32” -14 in the USA and Canada) the locking nut is fastened, it securely fixes the entire design, preventing the leakage of beer.

There are several types of beer shank:

  1. A nipple rod is used on kegerators.
  2. A straight shank is often used in renovation or assembly of cooling systems.
  3. The curved pipe model is relevant where it is important to prevent the beer line from twisting.

In addition, you can choose from different types of material: chrome brass or stainless steel.

How Do You Install a Beer Shank?

There are several varieties of beer shanks. As a rule, the traditional version consists of the following components:

  • Tooth and sleeve 
  • Shank wall flange
  • Collar located on the shank
  • Hexagonal nut

How to install this equipment:

  • First you need to push the shank through the cooler wall.
  • Next you need to install the hexagonal nut: rotate it until it is on the level with the cooler wall, then tighten it manually.
  • Twist the coupling on the tap and ask someone to hold the tap while you tighten the nut on the inner side of the shank.
  • To prevent the shanks from spinning, you can set the locking bar.

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