There Will Be no Better Time to Make an Adjustable Table Your Ultimate Calories Burner

There Will Be no Better Time to Make an Adjustable Table Your Ultimate Calories Burner

Are you thinking of getting an adjustable table but you don?t have enough funds for it? Make it on your own. You don?t need some special knowledge or skills, just the basics are required. Make an adjustable table your ultimate calories burner.

So, here we go, with the building of your new adjustable table that will change your life forever.

To start with, get a lifting frame. You can find them along with any style TV lift cabinet on the website of any reliable manufacturer. Make sure you buy a frame that:

  • Can support the weight of the desk top and all the items you work with;
  • Has a stroke length sufficient for you to work conveniently in the sitting and standing position;
  • Is suitable for the interior of your home office;
  • Silent enough to not bother you every time you are adjusting the height of your desk;
  • Has smooth movement and is easy-to-manage.

Move on to the Installation Work

Now, when your lifting frame has arrived, move to the installation of your adjustable table. Remove the desktop from your old traditional table and install it on the lifting frame. Fix the top to the frame, don?t tighten the screws yet. Test whether it moves properly, whether it reaches the needed height, etc. Tighten the screws and arrange the cables if any.

Set Your New Table up

To get the most from your standing desk, set it up according to the requirements. Then, you will be able to work in comfort whenever you are sitting or standing.

  • The elbows shall be bent at a 90-degree angle when they rest on the keyboard. The hands shall not be tensed.
  • The screen centre of your computer shall be located at the level of your eyes. It will provide maximum efficiency. Your eyes will get tired less.
  • In the standing position, your knees shall be slightly bent to allow shifting from one leg to another. Otherwise, you will be getting tired faster.

It is recommended to get a monitor support to adjust the screen at a slight tilt and to regulate the lifting level. If you use a laptop, consider buying an attachable keyboard.Visit  Up Down Desk for the best stand up desk .

It Is Time for ultimate calories burner!

Now, when your new desk is made and set up, you can start burning calories while working. When you are changing positions from a sitting to a standing one, you already burn more calories than when you are just sitting. However, you can add more exercises to speed up the calory burning process.

There are many exercises that you can do without interrupting your work. Some of them are basic, such as stretching. You can do them without interrupting your working routine. Others are more complex and are suited for those users who have already brought themselves bin a proper physical condition. You can start with the easiest exercises. Once you feel that they aren?t sufficient anymore, you can move to more complex workout sessions. The good thing is that you can use your desk as support by adjusting its height to the level you need for a specific exercise.