How To Do Russian Twist Exercise Like A Pro? Explained

Russian twist exercise is one of the most effective workouts to strengthen your core, hips, and soldier. It is a highly practiced exercise to tone the body’s midsection and help you get rid of the excessive fat deposited on the waist. Moreover, athletes perform this exercise as a part of their daily health regime, as it helps them with more strength and flexibility. If you are new to the Russian twist exercise or want to know the correct way to practice it, read this post until the end.

Things You Need To Consider When Starting Russian Twist Exercise

Now that you are all set to practice the Russian twists, below are a few important points you need to keep in mind to get it done perfectly:

  • If you are a beginner, keep your feet attached to the floor and move it straight to feel the moment.
  • Keep your spine straight, and keep abdominal and back muscles engaged throughout the exercise.
  • To gain better stability, you can twist your legs.
  • When doing the Russian twist exercise, you can either keep your arms parallel to the floor or place it on the floor beside you.
  • Managing your breathing is important. You need to exhale when making twists and inhale when getting back to the center.

These are some helpful hacks that can help you to prevent any mishaps when performing the exercise.

How to Perform Russian Twist Exercise Steps?

To perform the Russian twists, you need to follow the below-given procedure:

  • Keep your sit bones on the floor and bend your knees with your toes touching on the floor.
  • Now bend at an angle of 45-degree and make sure that your spine is not slouching or rounding.
  • Check if your posture is making V-shape with your things and torso.
  • Next, take your arms straight in the front, clasp your hands together with the fingers and place it on your chest.
  • Start twisting your abdominal area to the left and then restore your position.
  • Similarly, twist it right and then restore your position to the center.
  • Take a deep and steady breath for the effective practicing of the Russian twist exercise.
  • You can perform 2 to 3 sets of this exercise, each containing 10-15 repetitions.

Different Variations Of The Exercise?

There are different variations of the Russian twist exercise that you can practice for better results. Check the below-given list:

Weighted Twist

The weighted twist is one of the common variations of exercise that can enhance the impact of the exercise. In this form, you need to carry a weight of at least five pounds. You can use a dumbbell, weighing plate, medicine ball, or any other balanced weight item you have at your home. Hold the weight between both hands. After that, you have to take the weight above your chest then touch it to the floor as you twist.

russian-twist-exercise - weighted

Punch twists

To perfect punch twists, follow the below-described steps:

  • In the first place, you can grab weight in both your hands or use fist to start the exercise.
  • Next, take the position of the Russian twist exercise, as discussed earlier.
  • Now twist to the right, punching the left arm over the right side.
  • Inhale and back to the center position.
  • Twist to the left, punching right arm to the left side to finish one repetition.

russian twist exercise - punch

Leg-cross twists

In this alternate version of the Russian twist exercise, you have to:

  • Cross right calf over left when twisting to the right.
  • Uncross when you retain your position back.
  • Cross the left calf over right when twisting to the left.

Leg-cross twists

Decline twists

In a declined twist, you need to have a decline bench to start.

  • Take your position on the decline bench the same as in other variations.
  • Now twist with enhanced support in the same manner as above.
  • It is a suitable Russian twist exercise for beginners.

These Russian twist exercise descriptions can help to perfect different variations of the exercise to reap the maximum benefits.

Additional Equipment Suggestion:

Consider using a dmoose ab mat to enhance stability and comfort during the Russian twist exercise. An ab mat provides support for your lower back, allowing you to maintain proper form and reduce the risk of strain or injury. These Russian twist exercise descriptions can help to perfect different variations of the exercise to reap the maximum benefits.

Decline twists

Muscles Targeted In The Exercise?

The regular practice of the Russian twist trigger:

  • rectus abdominis
  • erector spinae
  • scapular muscles
  • obliques
  • transverse abdominis
  • hip flexors
  • latissimus dorsi

Benefits Of Russian Twist Exercise

Below is the list of the Russian exercise benefits explained for you:??

  • The twists can help you to burn down extra fat and help you to get rid of the love handles.
  • It can strengthen your core, hips, and soldiers.
  • It can also help in easing the lower back pain.??
  • In addition to its amazing health benefits, the Russian twist exercise is renowned for sports training.

Hope you will practice the several variations of the Russian twist to confirm that they are as interesting as the post. Stay connected to get more.