5 ways your dentist can help you

Your oral health can have a positive or negative effect on your overall health. Professional dentists such as dentist Chermside can be useful in this regard. Nevertheless, here are 5 ways your dentist can help you to become healthier as a whole.

  1. Your dentist can treat sleep apnea

Sleep apnea is a sleeping disorder where you stop breathing repeatedly throughout the night. A person has sleep apnea if their tongue or cartilage in their throat relaxes too much restricting air flow. Sleep apnea can cause you to lose your sleep which may result in chronic fatigue. It can also lead to larger health problems such as diabetes or problems with your circulatory system. Doctors can create a customized orthotic according to your teeth and jaw alignment in order to keep the airway open. You will end up waking refreshed and would not have to worry about other health problems that might be caused by sleep apnea.

  1. They enable you to eat healthier

You might have to stop eating healthy and switch to soft easy to chew foods when you are suffering from issues like tooth sensitivity, toothache or other problems. Doctors help you to renew the functionality of your teeth so you can eat all the healthy food you want by treating any oral health problems you might be suffering from.

  1. They help you detect oral cancer early

Visiting your family dentist once every 6 months is essential as they prevent you from getting oral problems such as cavities. They also help you catch oral cancer early. Some doctors, during your appointment, not only check for cavities, but also perform an oral cancer screening. Going to your dentists every 6 months can literally save your life as catching oral cancer early is essential to beat it.

  1. Your dentist helps protect you from respiratory illnesses

Catching respiratory illnesses such as pneumonia is increased if you are suffering from oral health problems such as periodontitis which make you inhale oral bacteria and these bacteria can go into the lungs. Your dentist can help you?to keep?the bacteria in your mouth under control by taking great care of your oral health by catching issues like cavities and gum diseases early.

  1. They reduce your risks of suffering from health issues like strokes or cardiovascular disease

Periodontitis, which is a severe form of gum disease where oral bacteria make it beneath your gum line, is a serious oral health concern?but it?s also a concern for your overall health. Once oral bacteria reach your gum line, it reaches to your bloodstream which can cause a long and wide range of health problems throughout your body.

Periodontitis can spark infections into your body and it can make existing health issues in your body such as diabetes worse as it becomes more difficult to control blood sugar. Also, periodontitis increases the chances of suffering from a stroke or a cardiovascular disease, posing a risk to your long term health.?

All these factors means that it is important to visit your dentist can help you regularly as it can make you live a healthier life. You can start by booking an appointment to care for your smile at general dentistry batavia il.