Campervans Ė Should You Buy or Convert?

Many people nowadays love the idea of being able to get their hands on a campervan so they are able to just get away whenever they feel like it. However, there are several options you can take within this. You might want to try converting a van yourself, or you could buy Campervans yourself. Letís take a look at what might work better for you.

Ease buy Campervans

There is no doubt about it, to buy campervans new is always going to be easier than buying a van to convert. If you want to be able to head out travelling as soon as possible, buying a ready-made campervan is going to be the option for you.

The great thing about buying a van is that you have the option to buy a converted one if you choose. You might not want to engage in the full renovation process, but prefer the aesthetic of the converted vans to purpose-built motorhomes. However, there is no doubt that buying a ready-made campervan Ė be it new or second-hand Ė canít compare to a converted van.


Choosing to invest in any sort of campervan is never going to be the cheapest option out there. Not only are you buying a sizeable vehicle, but you are also investing in a miniature living space, and that all comes with a price tag. It is little wonder that most people look to converting a van as the cheaper option.

Though it might seem cheaper, it isnít always. A lot of time and money has to be put into a van to make it match some of the amazing vehicles we see in ďVan LifeĒ posts on platforms like Instagram. The hidden costs of converting a van can be surprisingly high. Instead, choosing to buy a motorhome through a trusted seller like those at means that you could get the space you desire at quite an affordable price.


Some people prefer converted vans because they feel like they offer more of an opportunity to put their own stamp on the vehicle. Whether they are planning the full layout or they are just thinking about some of the fittings that they want to include, they think it is a far more flexible option than buying ready-made.†

This can be true, but that does not mean that you wonít find any personality in a manufactured motorhome. These can combine luxury and elegance, and give you plenty of choices when it comes to creating a space that is yours. Donít be mistaken in thinking that a traditional campervan wonít offer you many of the same customisation options as a converted van.

While converted vans can be great for some, a purpose-built campervan cannot be ignored too. There are so many amazing options out there, and each one could serve you well. If you want to give van life a try, make sure you check out some of the brilliant options available to you amongst motorhomes.