exercises for lower back pain

10 Best Healing Exercises For Lower Back Pain

Searching for the exercises for the lower back pain? It looks like you or any of your friends or family members are facing this annoying physical condition. Lower back pain is a chronic pain that can be seen in adults or old age people. If it gets severe, you may not be able to live your life to the fullest. However, there are various exercises that can strengthen your lower back and ease the pain. In this post, we will discuss some effective exercises for lower back pain that can keep its exasperation at bay.

List Of The Top Ten Exercises To Heal Lower Back Pain

If you want to get rid of the gut-wrenching lower back, then you can follow the below-given exercises with the utmost care and attention:

1: Bridges ? One Of The Best Lower Back Pain Exercises

Bridges is one of the most effective exercises for lower back pain that can alleviate the pain and strengthen the lower back support. In this exercise, you need to make the posture of a bridge, as illustrated via image. It gives more power to the gluteus maximus, which is a large buttock muscle. It supports the lower back pain and prevents its severe pain.

exercises for lower back pain

2: Lower Back Rotational Stretch – Lower Back Pain Exercise At Home

Lower back rotational stretch can ease the tension in the lower back and trunk. Furthermore, it also works efficiently to facilitate the core muscles to improve mobility. You can perform it simply on your home and get rid of your severe back pain. you can also try some good back braces to support your lower back and ease pain.

Lower Back Rotational Stretch

3: Knee-To-Chest Stretches

Knee to chest stretch one of the result-oriented exercises for lower back pain that can elongate the lower back to reduce the tension and discomfort. The lower back is that part of the body that bears a significant portion of your body?s weight. As a result, it gets pressed downwards and starts developing chronic pain. Elongation can alleviate the problem by reducing tension.


4: Pelvic Tilts

Pelvic Tilts is the next exercise for lower back pain relief. It is a therapeutic exercise designed to alleviate lower back pain. It can loosen up the stiff back muscles and keep them flexible. Furthermore, this exercise can also help in correcting the alignment of the lumbar spine of the patients with LBP.? ?

pelvic tilt

5: Lying Lateral Leg Lifts

This is one of the most tongue-twisting exercises for lower back pain. However, it is beneficial when it comes to comforting the lasting pain of the lower back. The focus area of this exercise is the hip abductor muscle, which supports the pelvis. It is essential to keep this muscle strong to keep the lower muscle pain at bay. Besides, it also improves the balance and looks after smooth mobility.

6: Cat Stretches – Easy Stretches For Lower Back Pain

Cat stretch helps in the elongation of the lower back and helps in reducing tension in the muscular part. This exercise is done with the support of your hands and knees and imitates the stretching position of a cat. Furthermore, this lower back stretching exercise also massaged the internal organs of your body gently. When doing so, it stretches out the hips and abdomen and loosens the spine.

cat stretch

7: Partial Crunches

The partial stomach is one of the most preferred exercises for lower back pain as it gives strength to the stomach and the lower back muscles. Partial crunches are also helpful in spondylosis, which is a type of arthritis to the spine. When you do it properly, it can prevent excessive pain in your lower back.?

partial crunches

8: Superman

Superman is an effective exercise for lower back pain. This exercise imitates the flying posture of Superman. In this exercise, you need to lie your stomach on the floor and raise your hands and legs in a position as if you are flying. Regular practice of this exercise can help you in strengthening your lower back and alleviate the pain.?


9: Seated Lower Back Rotational Stretches

Seated lower back rotational stretches work on the core muscles and can help in comforting the stress and pain in the lower muscle. It is one of the most effective exercises you can do at your home with the utmost ease. To perform it, you need a stool or chair. Make sure that the chair doesn?t have the arms and keep the feet flat on the floor. Keep the spine tall, hips square, and twist the core to get the best results.?

Seated Lower Back Rotational Stretches

10: Partial Curls

Partial curls can improve muscular strength and enhance muscular endurance. It is one of the most helpful exercises for lower back pain. Moreover, it can provide better stability to the entire trunk. This exercise can increase the curve of the lower back that can be helpful in reducing the lower back pain caused due to sitting on your desk without breaks.?


Now that you know the best exercises for lower back pain perform it or tell them to those in need. If you like the post, stay in the loop to get more.