Exercises To Get a Perfect Shape Nose

Get a Perfect Shape Nose by Few Amazing Exercises

The human nose comes in various shapes and sizes like narrow, hooked, flat, button, or straight. Some people are happy with their facial features, but a few think if they have more sharp facial features, they look more attractive. Even the Department of Physical Sciences at the University of Kent has shown in their research that the nose is one of the most attractive facial features. Especially women consider more about their facial features. Most of the women desire for long tresses, rosy lips, broad eyes, and a perfect sharp nose. Being the focal point of the face, a nose keeps a lot. Well, you will be amazed by knowing that shape of your nose has been sculpted partially by the environment.

You might have tried many makeup techniques to get a perfect shape nose, but sometimes it doesn’t go well. Well, you have considered about Rhinoplasty Toronto or the more complex nose job. But, before undergoing the complex surgical procedure; you should try the following exercises daily to get a perfect nose.?

1. Exercise For Shortening A Nose

Shortening A Nose

  • Position the index finger gently on the tip of your nose.
  • After that, apply descending pressure on the finger using your nose.
  • This exercise can be repeated as much as you can do every day.

2. Nose Shaping Exercise

Nose Shaping Exercise

  • Using your fingers press the sides of your nose, and breathe out vigorously. Push your nostrils bottom to produce effective outcomes.
  • Avoid breathing too intensely.
  • You can do this exercise 10-15 times a day.

3. Nose Straightening Exercise

Nose Straightening Exercise

  • Just smile and use your fingers to push your nose up.
  • This will help in developing the muscles on your nose’s side.?
  • Repeat this exercise 20 to 30 times a day for more effective outcomes.

4. Breathing In and Out

Breathing In and Out

  • Comfortably sit on the mat. Block one nose, inhale the other nose and hold it for approximately four seconds.
  • Then block your other nose and exhale the nose you blocked first.
  • Repeat the exercise by blocking one, then another nostril.
  • Three sets of 10 repetitions can be made.

5. Eliminate The Smile Line

Eliminate The Smile Line

  • Just fill your mouth with air and move the air in every direction while keeping it for about 5 seconds in each area.
  • Release the air when each region has been touched.
  • Practice this exercise at least one time every day.

6. Nose Massaging

Nose Massaging

  • Massage your nose’s every part, beginning at the bridge, to the tip, and finishing at the end of the sides.
  • Ensure that your fingers move in a circular motion.
  • Massage your nose daily for about five to ten minutes. A regular massage can give you the best results.

7. Nose Muscle Building Exercise

  • Just wiggle your nose while ensuring that your face is in the still position.
  • You can practice this many times in a day for the best outcome.


Undergo the knife can be a little painful, so before considering any nose job make sure to practice these exercises. The nose is the hardest area that can be reshaped or exercised. These basic nose exercises will help to build your nasal muscles without any cost. Practice them diligently and keep patience because such types of practices take a lot of time to produce the best result.??

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